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Glue Dots - Removable
Ultimate in poster & picture hanging!

Removable Glue Dots

Top Features include:
  • Hangs posters & pictures on your dorm wall
  • Won't damage the walls or door
  • Posters go up once and actually stay up!
  • Cheap dorm decor necessity

**Check out our video below to see why posters and glue dots were meant to be together! If you have any posters, glue dots are a must!**

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Retail Price $2.89
Student Discount Price $2.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Must-have for hanging dorm posters & pics

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: GD7111

Removable Glue Dots are the hottest, most dorm essential product that every student needs at least 1 pack of!!

The reason Glue Dots are so great is that they hang it all. From posters to pictures, Glue Dots make hanging your wall decor easy. The double-sided sticky glue dot goes onto the back of your poster or picture and then you simply post your item to your dorm wall. That's it! Glue Dots won't damage your wall or doors in any way. These ultra sticky dots are not actually glue, but rather a removable sticky adhesive in the form of ultra sticky dots. Besides no wall damage you also don't need to worry about your wall decor falling down either. Masking tape and other wall mounts tend to loose stickiness after a few months resulting in your posters dropping to the floor. This however, is not the case with Glue Dots.

What Glue Dots hang:
  • Pictures
  • Posters
  • Magazine cut outs
  • Artwork
  • Class Schedules
  • Or any other paper based decor item
Each order consists of 60 Glue Dots. Most posters require 12 Glue Dots and your pictures require 2 max. Depending on what you are hanging you will still be able to put quite a bit up with 1 pack and most likely would not need more than 3 packs unless you're posting hundreds of pictures and / or a dozen plus posters.
Use Glue Dots, not icky gum, to hang posters!

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