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Magic Wrinkle Remover
Magic Wrinkle Remover College Anti-Wrinkle Spray

Magic Wrinkle Remover (2 sizes available)
Top Features include:
  • Quickly and effectively removes wrinkles without ironing
  • It is safe for colorfast fabrics
  • Perfect to use when your having a clothing wrinkle issue
  • Also removes odors on contact

    **There will certainly be a time and place while at college where wrinkles are unacceptable. Check out our Video Below to see how our Magic Wrinkle Remover can make your dorm days easier**

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Retail Price $8.99
Student Discount Price $4.89
You Save: $4.10

Dorm Co. Tip: Wrinkles never make a good impression

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: A-BIN-32-38203


Our Magic Wrinkle Remover is the real deal! When Dorm Co was first introduced this dorm supplies product we seriously doubted if it would work. So what did we do? ... We tested and tested it and tested it!

The result: IT WORKS!!

How it works:
Spray wrinkle remover on your wrinkled item as it hangs. Next take you hand and wipe out the wrinkles. It is that easy! We tested t-shirts that seemingly had no hope and need an iron to get wrinkle free, but instead of having to pull out the iron, we sprayed Magic Wrinkle Remover and with a quick wipe down the wrinkles disappeared. It is that good!

In short, if you want to avoid taking out an iron, plugging it in, getting out your mini ironing board and actually ironing your clothes, then you have to get our Magic Wrinkle Remover. At college having wrinkles may sometimes be an option, but because it won't always be an option you'll need a solution. Whether you opt for our Dryer Balls, Irons & Boards or our Wrinkle Remover, we know your dorm laundry supplies will be set and you'll be presentably looking good while away at college.

Skip the ironing... The Magic Wrinkle Remover is quick, easy, and actual works!

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