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Knight Light Alarm & Flashlight
Handheld Alarm Siren Self Defense Flashlight Lumens Personal Safety Products for College Students


Knight Light Alarm & Flashlight

Top Features include:
  • Ear-piercing 130dB alarm to ward off attackers
  • Wrist strap for easy access and non-slip rubber grip
  • 350 Lumens LED Light and Strobe Light for added safety at night
  • Great on-campus personal security necessity - Rechargeable

Retail Price $29.99
Student Discount Price $24.84
You Save: $5.15
Dorm Co. Tip: Peace of mind is sometimes all you need - security

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: CE-SWKNTL

With crime on the rise, many colleges are buffing up their security plans and student safety resources. However, some universities still have rules on the books preventing college students from carrying self defense products like pepper spray, stun guns, and pocket knives on campus. Although we cannot control what your college does or does not permit on campus, you should know that there are self defense options that are safe to carry on even the most strict college campuses! Personal safety alarms and self defense strobe lights are both safe and effective self defense tools that can help you escape a dangerous situation, on- or off-campus.

Our Knight Light Alarm & Flashlight combines the best of both self defense alarms and personal safety strobe lights in one useful personal safety tool. With a 350 lumen light, you can use this personal alarm and flashlight as a standard flashlight, or as a bright strobe light to confuse and even temporarily blind anyone in your way. And while most rock concerts max out at 100 dB, this ultra loud 130 dB alarm causes an ear-piercing sensation that can further disorient an attacker, and attract attention for help. Plus with a USB charger and 3 month battery life, you can always feel prepared for emergencies with this personal safety device for college students!

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