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Pull Pin Alarm with Strobe Light
Pull Pin Keychain Alarm Self Defense Strobe Flashlight College Campus Safety Products


Pull Pin Alarm with Strobe Light

Top Features include:
  • Ear-piercing 130dB alarm with non-slip grip to ward off attackers
  • Attaches to your keys for easy access
  • Bright Strobe Light for added attention to summon help
  • Fast activation pull pin - Great on campus personal security necessity

Retail Price $22.99
Student Discount Price $18.43
You Save: $4.56
Dorm Co. Tip: Peace of mind is sometimes all you need - security

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: CE-SWSOS

Starting college is a time when many young adults experience their first time being independent. Especially if you're living on campus, in a new neighborhood, or even across the country, this first taste of freedom and new experiences can be really exciting! However, college freshmen are also often easy targets, as they may not have much life experience yet, friends in the area, or be familiar with where the "good" or "bad" parts of town are yet. That is why personal safety tools are important college essentials that often get left off of dorm supply checklists. However, some colleges ban the possession of traditional self defense tools like pepper spray or small pocket knives. Thankfully, there are a number of options for college self defense essentials that are 100% legal and safe to use no matter your state or school.

Personal safety alarms are a great option for self defense, as they can be used to escape from dangerous situations. Strobe light keychains are also a popular college safety device that can confuse or even temporarily blind an attacker. Our Pull Pin Alarm with Strobe Light combines both of these safe and easy to use self defense keychain tools in one strobe light alarm system combo! For context, your basic alarm clock goes off at about 80 dB, and loud concerts typically max out around 110 dB. P
ulling the pin instantly sets off this 130 dB alarm, you can seriously damage the hearing of anyone in earshot. Simply re-insert the pin to disable the alarm and strobe light. With this easy to use safety keychain, you can walk through your new college campus knowing that you can keep yourself safe even if you're far from home!

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