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Mini Keeper
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Mini Keeper
Top Features include:
  • Keep snacks fresh
  • A dorm essential for dorm room storage of your snacks so they don't spill
  • Holds about 1.5 cups
  • Hinged lid with air-tight silicone seal
Retail Price $9.99
Student Discount Price $5.39
You Save: $4.60
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep your snacks fresh and in a convenient container!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: PRO-PKS-400

It's inevitable that you're going to be having some kind of snacks in your college supplies. Whether it's potato chips or cookies, you're going to need some dorm room storage for your snacks. We don't mean where in your room you're going to place the bag. We mean you need to place those chips or cookies in a dorm storage solution to keep them fresh! Bags of chips and cookies can easily become stale and then you end up throwing away the expensive bag of snacks. Avoid that by having our Mini Keeper in your dorm essentials!

This cheap dorm supplies product will prevent you from eating stale food when you're in the mood to snack. There's nothing worse than being super hungry for chips or cookies after class, reaching for one, and biting down on a stale chip or cookie that has absolutely no crunch to it. As you know, this feels a lot worse than it sounds because your mouth waters when you start thinking about that delicious potato chip or chocolate cookie! As awful as this feels, it gets worse when you're hanging out with friends and bring out the chip or cookie back and your friends end up with stale food. Avoid this situation with dorm necessities like our Mini Keeper. Our Mini Keeper holds 1.5 cups of snacks and has an air-tight silicone seal with a hinged lid so you don't have to be embarrassed by stale food when you're hanging out with your friends!

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