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Berry Keeper
Berry Keeper Dorm Essentials Dorm Necessities Must Have Dorm Items

Berry Keeper

Top Features include:
  • Wash and store in one container
  • Preserve freshness of berries - water reservoir in the base provides moisture
  • 2 cup capacity
  • Stackable tray allows you to insert berries in layers to prevent bruising - adjustable vent regulates air flow to help berries last longer
Retail Price $12.99
Student Discount Price $9.99
You Save: $3.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep your fruit and veggies from going bad by storing them properly
Dimensions: 2 Cup Capacity

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: PRO-LKS-08

It can be quite disappointing to purchase a lot of berries only to have them go bad within a few days. Especially if you never got to eat even just one berry! When you plan on cooking in college and eating breakfast, lunch or dinner in your dorm room, this can be especially frustrating. You saved money on your college supplies by dorm room shopping for cheap dorm supplies and then you purchase fresh fruit that go bad without you tasting even one berry. This can be incredibly frustrating and you may end up resorting to never buying berries again. Don't fret! You can still buy delicious fresh berries - store them in dorm storage solutions like our Berry Keeper!

Our Berry Keeper is an amazing college supplies product. It has a stackable tray that allows you to place your berries in layers to prevent bruising. In the base of this dorm essentials product is a water reservoir that allows you to place a little water in the base to preserve the delicate berries by providing a little bit of moisture. Along with the water reservoir, there is also an adjustable vent that regulates air flow to help berries last longer. Don't get disappointed and frustrated anymore from buying berries that go bad shortly after you purchase them - keep them in our Berry Keeper!

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