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Kiss My Boo Boo (First Aid Kit) - College Gift Pack
Kiss My Boo Boo (First Aid Kit) - College Gift Pack


Kiss My Boo Boo (First Aid Kit) - College Gift Pack

Top Feature include:
  • Although college may be a little old to kiss any boo boo's... mom & dad sure remember those days and this kit ensure any college student has some key essentials when it comes to first aid
  • Includes: 100 Bandages, First Aid Kit, Wet Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Pain Relief, Odor Absorber, Ice Bag, $5.00 DormCo Gift Card
  • Products college students actually need!
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
** Check out the video below to see how you can get a gift pack for your different college needs! The 12 Days of College is a great gift or small move-in pack for your college dorm.

Retail Price $50.41
Student Discount Price $40.87
You Save: $9.54

Dorm Co. Tip: Our 12 Days of College - Gifts Every College Student needs

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Product Code: 12DAYS-05

Package Contains: Gift Box

Package Contains: Bandages

Package Contains: First Aid Kit

Package Contains: Hand Sanitizer

Package Contains: Pain Relief

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Odor Removal

Package Contains: Ice Bag

College is a time of many first. For many students, it's their first time living away from home. Without parents or family members nearby, students will have to be able to treat minor injuries and ailments all on their own. It's essential to have a college first aid kit with all the necessary supplies to take care of scrapes, cuts and bruises. The Kiss My Boo Boo College Gift Pack has everything needed for a great college dorm first aid kit. Students will be able to clean and bandage cuts, ice sore muscle and sanitize their dorm rooms with the products in this pack. Having a solid foundation of first aid dorm supplies will give students and parents peace of mind!

Pack Includes:
  1. 100CT Bandages - In college, students have to deal with the bumps, bruises and cuts of everyday life all on their own-- some for the very first time. With the 100 Bandages included in this pack, students will be more than ready to take on whatever college has in store. Not every scratch requires a trip the school's health center, making bandages a college dorm necessity! Whether they trip up the stairs or bang an elbow on their dresser, students will be able to tend to their own minor wounds, like a cut or a scrape, with these sterile bandages. They'll be healed in no time!
  2. First Aid Kit - First Aid Kit's are dorm room essentials! Between late night games of floor tag and early morning runs to class, every college student is bound to get a scrape or two. This first aid kit has all the dorm essentials you need to take care of minor cuts and scrapes.
  3. Pain Relief Tablets - College can be stressful. Classes, homework and studying can take a toll on a college student. Late night cram sessions often result in headaches and sore muscles. Pain relievers are an essential dorm supply. Students will be able to treat minor aches and pains and get back to their college life! It's a simple college supply that shouldn't be overlooked.
  4. Stop the Stink Odor Absorbing Sponge - Germs aren't the only things that quickly spread through crowded dorms, so do stinky smells. Between the community bathrooms, sports equipment and that kid down the hall who never seems to shower, dorm rooms can smell pretty bad. A dorm room essential supply is a great odor absorber. This one absorbs those nasty odors and pollutants in dorms and leave clean, fresh air behind.
  5. Kisses Ice Bag - Another key dorm supply for any college first-aid package is an ice bag. Students can easily twist an ankle rushing to class or bang their head on the top bunk. Pain relievers help take care of the pain, but an ice bag can reduce swelling in minor injuries. This ice bag is not only a functional dorm supply, but a cute one, too! Its funky zebra pattern has a personality, making this ice bag much more than a college first aid kit supply. Ice bags are also great for relieving migraines or tensions headaches! This ice bag proves healing injuries doesn't have to be boring!
  6. $5.00 DormCo Gift Card - This first aid package is a great foundation of dorm room supplies. But you can never have enough first aid and security products! Use this $5.00 DormCo Gift Card to pick up any last minute dorm accessories or first aid needs.
A gift box made for your everyday college needs! Watch this video to see the different types of gift packs you can get with the 12 Days of College!

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