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Iron Brick® Safe (PC or MAC Capable) - Portable Laptop/Tablet Safe
Iron Brick Safe® - Go-Anywhere Laptop Safe


Iron Brick® Safe - Go-Anywhere Laptop/Tablet/iPad Safe

Top Features include:
  • Laptop, Tablet, and iPad Security - Also great for eReaders, Passports, Cash, etc.
  • Includes: Cable (5.9ft), Key Lock (2), Interior Foam Padding
  • Cable secures safe around an object no matter where you go!
  • Holds Laptops, Tablets, and iPads 15.00" or less - Rugged Polycarbonate Plastic Construction
**Check out the video below to learn about how securing your items in your dorm can be hassle free and easy with the Iron Brick Safe.**

Retail Price $89.99
Student Discount Price $47.96
You Save: $42.03
Dorm Co. Tip: You can't get through college without your computer, so keep it safe!
Dimensions: 15.1" L x 11.3" W x 2.23" Depth

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: NEWX-14101

Add lockdown security SPOT anchor?

Your laptop or Tablet is not only one of the most expensive items in your dorm, it is also one of the most valuable because of all the information you have stored on it. No matter where you and your laptop or tablet travel to, you can be confident with our Iron Brick® Laptop/Tablet Safe that your most important possession is secure from theft and prying eyes. This key-locking safe comes equipped with a secure cable that can be placed around any physical object to prevent your safe from having "legs" and is so durable that you need not fear it being cracked into or tampered with. The point of our Iron Brick® Safe is to take away your risk from opportunity thieves. These are the thieves who may not have otherwise taken your laptop out of your dorm, but because it is just sitting there, almost "too easy" to steal, they'll do it to try and make a quick buck by reselling it. Theft on college campuses is a reality, and pricey laptop and tablet safes are not realistic for dorms or your on-the-go college lifestyle. Our Iron Brick® Safe is a college dorm no-brainer product!

What's best about our Iron Brick® Safe
is that even though it can go with you on vacation, to the library, in your car, to a meeting or to any other function, it will often serve you best right in your dorm room. Unlike your cell phone or even camera, it is impossible to take your laptop/Tablet with you everywhere you go. Knowing at times your laptop will have to be out of your sight, you'll want to lock it up and keep it secure with our Iron Brick® Safe. Our Iron Brick Safe is also great for your iPad and other tablets! Our one-of-a-kind Portable Laptop/Tablet Safe is more than dorm security, it is peace of mind! Check out all the specs and useful features below.

** Add the SPOT anchor option above so that you can secure your laptop safe anywhere you choose using the steel cable. The SPOT anchor adheres permanently under a desk, on a wall, on a filing cabinet, or anywhere that's needed and convenient.

  • Holds securely laptops, Tablets, and iPads 15" or less. Does not fit a 15" Surface Pro due to the extra width of the Surface Pro's frame.
  • Includes: Safe, Key Lock (2 keys included), Cable, Cushion foam on top & bottom of the safe for laptop protection, Added space for cash, passports or other small valuables.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 15.1" L x 11.3" W x 2.23" D - weighs 3lbs
  • Laptop and Tablet Safe for Dorm Room, Apartment or Post Graduation
  • Cable secures the safe to objects such as beds, desks, seats, beams, etc.
  • Attaches easily and harmlessly with included cable - Convenient & Easy!
  • Rugged, yet Flexible ABS plastic construction ... Only breakable by extreme force!
  • Bottom rubber grippers prevent laptop from shifting.
  • Complies with residence hall and apartment regulations. Won't damage walls, floors or furniture!
  • The only lightweight, portable laptop/tablet safe of its kind ... DormCo®-Exclusive!
Iron Brick Safe - Peace of Mind for your Laptop

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