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The Iron Brick® Trunk - STRONGEST College Trunk
Dorm Trunk - The Iron Brick Trunk® - STRONGEST College Trunk - Great Dorm Organizer


The Iron Brick® Trunk - STRONGEST College Trunk
Top Features include:
  • Durable, rugged, tough, and ready to take any and all abuse from move-in day and beyond!
  • Two wheels on trunk and handles on each end allow for a maneuverable and fully transportable trunk
  • Rotation-link metal clasps with ability to add two padlocks to keep your college stuff safe
  • A must-have to keep college supplies protected, secure, and safely stored - DormCo-exclusive
  • Herculean-strength, rotational-mold plastic construction - Trunk weighs 30 lbs. empty
  • Interior Dimensions: 15"H x 29.5"W x 17.5"D

**Check out our video below to see this tough trunk sustain a battery of tests to show you just how much it can handle!**

Retail Price $270.09
Student Discount Price $224.40
You Save: $45.69

Dorm Co. Tip: Fragile dorm items? Keep them safe in this trunk
Dimensions: Trunk exterior laying horizontal, flat: Length 33" Height 15.5" Depth 20.5" (Front to Back)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: IBRICK-COLO


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You've already realized that trunks for college provide hands-down the best means of transporting and storing all your college supplies. Unlike regular suitcases and duffel bags, good trunks keep your dorm stuff more secure and well-protected. While all trunks have the ability to keep their contents protected, for some it's their strong point. As with our Iron Brick® Trunk - STRONGEST College Trunk, this case is amid the most durable and downright tough of college trunks out there! Its hard-body plastic casing is dense, durable, and able to withstand the rattling from bumpy-road rides to those times you accidentally drop your trunk down a flight of steep stairs. Those fragile college supplies that need to make it to school in one piece are best kept in this rugged dorm footlocker.

With its spacious interior, you'll have room for clothes and other college supplies, even if you do keep your dorm desk lamp and other more fragile items inside. As you can guess, once it's in your dorm room, this Iron Brick® Trunk makes an ideal dorm safe, too. Since you can add two padlocks, all those valuables and needed college supplies are best kept under lock and key, as no petty thief will be able to crack this trunk's armor. Make sure you put your footlocker for college to good use once you're unpacked, and that includes using it as an extra seat, as a dorm safe, or battering ram. OK, we're kidding about that last part, but you know this trunk can handle tough jobs, too.

You might think of plastic as an everyday, un-structurally strong material. That's just not the case with this superior trunk. It's constructed from rotational-mold plastic, which is stronger than everyday plastics. It's always a plus when your dorm essentials carry use beyond your years at school, and with this trunk, you can bring it camping later on, use it to carry tools, transport fragile valuables like your computer, amid many other uses. This Iron Brick Trunk is a dorm room supply that will serve you well for a lifetime!

More info:
PE non-toxic plastic with UV protection
29.75 lbs. empty weight
Rotational-molding durable plastic with impact resistance
304 stainless steel locks, clasps, and hardware
Suitable for storage of computers, medical equipment, photo equipment, tools
Suitable for use in humid conditions, snow, high-moisture environments
Anti-corrosion, waterproof, airtight build
Impact shock resistant

Disclaimer: While we put this trunk through a series of rigorous tests as the video illustrates, we do not recommend harsh treatment of this trunk beyond regular every-day use.
Seeing is believing!! .... The Iron Brick Trunk is that tough!

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