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Antimicrobial College Washcloths 12-Pack - 100% Cotton - Silver
Affordable Gray Washcloths for College Student Room Shared Bathroom Dorm Supplies


Antimicrobial College Washcloths 12-Pack - 100% Cotton - Silver

Top Features include:
  • College Dorm Essential - 12-Pack of Washcloths (12" x 12" Each)
  • 100% Cotton in Silver Gray for a soft touch
  • Super Absorbent Cotton Washcloths for everyday dorm use
  • Antimicrobial Technology inhibits odor causing bacteria

Student Discount Price $12.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Extra wash cloths are a college dorm essential
Dimensions: 12" x 12" (Each)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

If your parents do your laundry at home, you may be shocked by how many washcloths you go through in a week. And for the best hygiene in college, you should be using a new washcloth every time you shower. You should probably be showering daily too, and if you are a college athlete you may be showering multiple times every day–that’s a lot of washcloths! Unless you want to be running to the dorm laundromat every few days, stocking up on a lot of dorm washcloths is a good idea. Thankfully, we make it easy with this cheap washcloth set of 12, so you can at least cut your college laundry day down to once a week… or every other week. We won’t be too grossed out if you skip a few days. Either way, these gray antimicrobial washcloths are naturally bacteria resistant, perfect for helping you stay clean and healthy in college.

This affordable washcloth set for college bathrooms is a must-have dorm essential! Every college student needs a set of quality washcloths that will last from move-in day to graduation. Made with 100% cotton, these gray cotton washcloths will hold up in your dorm washing machine. Another great reason to stock up on a bulk washcloth pack for dorms is the fact that you may lose a few washcloths here and there. At home, it is basically impossible to lose a washcloth. But when you have to transport all of your dorm shower supplies from your college dorm room to a shared shower, your washcloth may fall out of your dorm shower tote, never to be seen again. Or you may accidentally leave one of these gray washcloths in your college shower, or in the dorm laundry room. But when you have a full set of dorm washcloths, these little accidents are no big deal!

Washcloth Dimensions: 12" x 12"

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