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Antimicrobial College Washcloths 12-Pack - 100% Cotton - White
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Antimicrobial College Washcloths 12-Pack - 100% Cotton - White

Top Features include:
  • College Dorm Essential - 12-Pack of Washcloths (12" x 12" Each)
  • 100% Cotton in White for a soft touch
  • Super Absorbent Cotton Washcloths for everyday dorm use
  • Antimicrobial Technology inhibits odor causing bacteria

Student Discount Price $12.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Extra wash cloths are a college dorm essential
Dimensions: 12" x 12" (Each)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Do you love doing laundry at home? If not, you will probably like doing laundry at college even less. If you have never learned how to use a laundromat, it is not the most confusing process; however, for laundry-haters, you may find yourself putting off laundry day a little longer than normal. As long as you still have enough clean clothes, there’s nothing wrong with procrastinating doing your laundry in college. However, it is not just your clothes that you may need to clean. Having enough clean towels and washcloths is also important! We don’t want to encourage bad behavior, but if you know that you are already prone to leaving laundry until the last possible minute, you should make sure to have plenty of dorm washcloths available. With the Antimicrobial College Washcloths - 12-Pack - 100% Cotton - White, you will have nearly two weeks worth of washcloths on hand, so you will have plenty of time to actually motivate yourself to make a visit to the on-campus laundromat.

These pure cotton washcloths are not just a great investment for laundry procrastinators, but for any student who values good hygiene in college. Made with antimicrobial pure cotton, this 12-pack of washcloths for dorms will hold up over time and naturally prevent any fungal or bacterial growth from forming inside the fibers. Use these white washcloths for college for sudsing up in your dorm shower, as a soft hand towel, to dry your face, or wick moisture from your hair. With these high quality cotton washcloths on your dorm bathroom essentials list, you can put off college laundry day for a few days longer, and enjoy better cleanliness in your college bathroom without even trying. From move-in day to graduation, you’re sure to get plenty of use out of these white cotton dorm washcloths!

Washcloth Dimensions: 12" x 12"

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