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Brotoga® - Believe It! (Brown) Classic Version
Brotoga® Must Have Dorm Items Dorm Supplies


Brotoga® - Believe It! (Brown) Classic Version

Top Features include:
  • Huge, Warm & Cozy!
  • It's a robe, it's a coat, it's a wear it when you want to be cozy soft college essential! Wear in the dorms, to a party, to an outdoor event - anywhere! The Brotoga® has no limitations!!
  • Exterior: Ultra long, plush soft fibers. 1 Front Pocket
  • Interior: Soft polar fleece. Warm, yet free flowing
The Brotoga® is the first ever orginially designed "Robe Coat" made with the intention to represent the absolute highest level of CAAE (Comfort Above All Else). Without CAAE what do you really have?

See Size Chart Below!

The Brotoga® is a Original Trademarked product

Retail Price $59.99
Student Discount Price $39.99
You Save: $20.00

Dorm Co. Tip: Stay warm on cool nights with the Brotoga

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: J15-001A-BELIEVE-IT


There are going to be times that you walk into your dorm room and think "Wow I wish I could wear the softest, go anywhere robe on the planet." Or even "I wish I could wear this blanket like a coat to class or to the club." Well the good news is, you can rock our Brotoga® - Believe It! (Brown) in your dorm room, to class, to the football game, camping or anywhere you don't mind the attention of random strangers rubbing your arm just to catch a feel of the Brotoga's pure softness!

This uber cozy dorm essentials item is whatever you want it to be. Curl up inside of this college robe coat to watch a movie, study in style, wear it outside like a coat or wear it when you want to be super cozy and wrapped up in incredibly soft comfort.

The Brotoga® in Believe It! (Brown) is no joke when it comes to your comfort, although it's so ridiculously soft you'll think "DormCo is this actually a real product" and have to feel it to 'believe it'. The outside of our Brotoga® is made of thick, long plush strands that will feel cozy and make everyone jealous at your unashamed comfort. The Brotoga® plush strands on the outside aren't the only comfortable aspects of this college necessities item, the soft fleece interior creates the perfect combination of warmth that will have you turning up the AC just to be able to wear it in the summer.

Going to an outdoor event? A nighttime pool party? The club? Don't leave the Brotoga® behind! As we said, this cool, cozy, warm robe that's a coat, coat that's a robe, can be worn anytime, anywhere you want cozy, soft comfort. Going to a party or outdoor event and worried where you'll keep your cellphone because you usually put it in your coat? The Brotoga® has a front pocket for that so as good as you look with the Brotoga®, you'll look even better when you casually slip your smartphone out of the front pocket. Don't sacrifice comfort or style when you're going out at night. Wear your Brotoga® in Believe It! (Brown) with pride.

Size Chart:
M - For girls or smaller guys who want the Brotoga® experience
L - For the average guy or girl who wants a Brotoga®
XL - Bigger than your average guy - 6ft+ or those that want an oversized Brotoga
XXL - Pro Football/Basketball players, athletes, big boys

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