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Brotoga® - Royalty (Purple) Classic Version
Brotoga® - Classic Version - Royalty Must Have Dorm Items Dorm Necessities


Brotoga® - Royalty (Purple) Classic Version

Top Features include:
  • Huge, Warm & Cozy!
  • It's a robe, it's a coat, it's a wear it when you want to be cozy soft college essential! Wear in the dorms, to a party, to an outdoor event - anywhere! The Brotoga® has no limitations!!
  • Exterior: Ultra long, plush soft fibers. 1 Front Pocket
  • Interior: Soft polar fleece. Warm, yet free flowing
The Brotoga® is the first ever orginially designed "Robe Coat" made with the intention to represent the absolute highest level of CAAE (Comfort Above All Else). Without CAAE what do you really have?

See Size Chart Below!

The Brotoga® is a Original Trademarked product

Retail Price $59.99
Student Discount Price $39.99
You Save: $20.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Stay warm on cool nights with the Brotoga

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: J15-001A-ROYALTY


Some clothes can make you feel good as you wear them. You wear your favorite T-Shirt and it automatically puts you in a good mood. You almost feel like royalty and you want everyone to notice how awesome and comfortable your favorite T-Shirt is. However, that T-Shirt is just a small T-Shirt and the comfort level can only go so far. What if you could have everything on a much larger scale? We're talking more comfort, more soft fabric you can curl up in, and yes - more feelings of being royalty. We're talking about our Brotoga® in Royalty Purple. With our Brotoga® in Royalty Purple, it's hard to not feel great, so go ahead and wear your Brotoga® with a stupid happy grin and maybe even strut a bit. After all, you're wearing a color that is called Royalty.

So what is this Brotoga® we speak of? It's whatever you want it to be - it's a robe, it's a coat, it's a wear it when you want to be the ultimately comfortable thing. And who wouldn't want to be comfortable at all times?! This college essentials item not only feels soft it looks so soft that we recommend locking it up in your dorm closet. Nothing would be more sad to return from class to find out your laptop is safe on your desk, but your Brotoga® is missing and stolen out of your closet.

The outside of the Brotoga® is made of thick, flowing plush strands while the inside is a cozy soft fleece. The Brotoga® is a must have dorm item for anywhere. Wear it while you study (just try not to fall asleep)! Wear it to an outside sporting event (we don't think the excitement of the sport will allow you to fall asleep, but that's not a guarantee)! Wear it to bed (okay, here is where you can let the Brotoga® lull you in a super comfortable sleep)! This must have Robe Coat will not only keep you incredibly comfortable, it will also keep you warm. Plus, with a front pocket, even your cell phone can have a warm and accessible spot.

Size Chart:
M - For girls or smaller guys who want the Brotoga
® experience
L - For the average guy or girl who wants a Brotoga
XL - Bigger than your average guy - 6ft+ or those that want an oversized Brotoga
XXL - Pro Football/Basketball players, athletes, big boys

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