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Mesh Bra Cube
Mesh Bra Cube College laundry accessory


Bra Mesh Cube

Top Features include:
  • Protects delicates from snags/tears
  • Keeps personal clothes hidden
  • Guys in the dorm won't see your personals
  • Easy addition to your dorm supply checklist
Retail Price $6.99
Student Discount Price $5.74
You Save: $1.25
Dorm Co. Tip: Best to time your laundry in off-peak daytime hrs
Dimensions: 7" x 10" x 7"

Availability: SHIPS IN 24 HOURS
Product Code: A-BIN-12-3575

Nothing ruins a poor college student's day faster than when clothes get destroyed in the washer or dryer. Thankfully our Bra Mesh Cube will keep your bras safe and unharmed. You can also use this wash pouch for your other lingerie. Beyond just protecting your delicates, the Bra Wash Cube is great at keeping your personal clothing concealed. The last thing you'll want is your undergarments hanging out of your dorm hamper for all to see.

The Bra Mesh cube is essentially two products in one. First, it protects your bras or lingerie from getting snagged and torn in the washer. Secondly, it keeps your private garments concealed. In dorms where the laundry room is a community, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your undergarments won't be seen by anyone else but you. Features a rust proof zipper and mesh material structure.

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