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Black Medium Rolling Durable Dorm Laundry Hamper
Black Medium Rolling Durable Dorm Laundry Hamper College Laundry Bag

Black Medium Rolling Durable Dorm Laundry Hamper

Top Features include:
  • Hamper with Tie Lid (encloses clothes) & Easy Pull Handle
  • Great for holding dirty laundry and keeping them enclosed for privacy
  • Solid Construction - Made to last throughout college!
  • Has wheels for easy transport
  • Has concealed zipper section in back of hamper for delicate items or your laundry card plus side mesh pocket
Retail Price $39.99
Student Discount Price $33.26
You Save: $6.73
Dorm Co. Tip: A good rolling hamper makes carrying laundry easier
Dimensions: 37"x14" Bag Dimensions: 22"x11"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: BMRDDLH-3272-1

Doing Laundry in college is a struggle. You will want to go out once in a a while and you will also be caught up with your college courses and studying. When you're busy with all these things, sometimes three weeks can go by before you really look at your laundry and say to yourself that you really should do your laundry. You may get right to it when you notice that you really, really need to do laundry but chances are another week may go by before you actually get around to doing it. What does this mean? This of course means you will have a lot of laundry to do, but it also means you have a lot of laundry to carry down to the dorm laundry room.

Whether you have a backup of four weeks worth of laundry or not, when you fill up college laundry bags, they become heavy. You don't want to hurt yourself carrying your laundry down to the dorm laundry room! With our Black Medium Rolling Durable Dorm Laundry Hamper, you don't have to worry about that! First of all, that's because you don't have to carry your laundry, you can simply roll it along to the dorm laundry room! Our Medium Rolling Dorm Laundry Hamper also has a kickstand in the front so that you can easily prop it up and a tie enclosure for privacy. Your dorm laundry room may require coins or a laundry card to do laundry, or you have to take your laundry to the laundromat. You don't want to have to constantly search around your room for coins or your laundry card! On the back of our Rolling Dorm Laundry Hamper is a zippered enclosure where you can keep your laundry card, coins or even your delicate items safe!

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