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Black Bongo - Durable Dorm Laundry Hamper
Black Bongo - Durable Dorm Laundry Hamper - A Useful Dorm Essential

Black Bongo - Durable Dorm Laundry Hamper

Top Features include:
  • Over-sized hamper with Zippered Lid (encloses clothes) & Easy Carry Handles
  • Great for holding dirty laundry, winter clothes/blankets, shoes, sporting goods equipment
  • Solid Nylon Construction - Made to last throughout college!
  • Compresses flatter than a nickel for space saving storage when not in use
Retail Price $26.49
Student Discount Price $14.44
You Save: $12.05
Dorm Co. Tip: A good hamper saves lots of frustration later
Dimensions: 18" x 22"H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: AA2-0-10-6116

A big hamper for college can be used for more than just storing dirty clothes. If you're a student-athlete and you need a place to store some sports equipment, this large hamper is perfect, whether it's sports outfits, or your racket, or extra practice balls, a big dorm hamper adds needed space and organization. As you can see, this Black Bongo - Durable Dorm Laundry Hamper also has a lid. Lids will help keep any not-so-pleasant, dirty-laundry odors sealed in. And if you are storing some old shoes for hiking or all matter of not-so-pristine college items, you and your roommate will appreciate that they're all closed in inside this dorm hamper.

For laundry, which is the main function of any laundry hamper for college students, this college item is ideal. It's plenty spacious, meaning, yes, you can wait weeks before having to break out the quarters and make the long haul to the laundry room. As essential as they are, some laundry hampers for college students don't have handles! Not this one! Those handles are necessary for heavier loads of laundry. Whether you're transporting old, stinky clothes or heavy sports equipment, you'll appreciate those handles, as well as the more durable nylon material of this hamper. Truly, college hampers are space-saving and multi-use college supplies; they'll make useful additions to the rest of your stuff for college.

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