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TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack - Aqua (Over Door Shoe Version)
TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack - Aqua (Over Door Shoe Version) Dorm Essentials Dorm Storage Solutions


TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack - Aqua (Over Door Shoe Version)

Top Features include:
  • About TUSK®: Made from durable 600D, our TUSK® College Storage Line is created to be beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use.
  • Includes laundry backpack, hanging sweater shelves, and over the door shoe pockets
  • Vibrant colors add to your dorm room decor
  • Stay organized by adding durable dorm essentials such as our TUSK® Closet Pack that also adds plenty of dorm room storage!
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Product Code: TUSK3P-AQUA

Package Includes: TUSK Laundry Backpack

Package Includes: TUSK Laundry Back:

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Sweater Shelves

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Swea:

Package Includes: TUSK Over The Door Shoe Pockets

Package Includes: TUSK Over The Doo:

It's inevitable that when you get to college and unpack your dorm necessities that there will be a large pile of dorm items that you aren't sure what to do with. You may have tried to pack conservatively for college but found you still have some dorm essentials that don't have a designated dorm storage area. This can be the stressful part of moving into a college dorm room, however it isn't stressful anymore with our TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack in Aqua in your college supplies! The key to maximizing your dorm room storage is to add dorm space savers such as our TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack in Aqua.

Our TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack comes in a great looking bright aqua color that will add a pop of color to your dorm room decor, however, that isn't the most stunning feature of these dorm organizers. This dorm supplies package includes Hanging Sweater Shelves, Over The Door Shoe Pockets, and even a dorm laundry bag to keep your more organized and they are also incredibly durable. For as much dorm room storage as these dorm necessities will be adding to your college dorm room, you need them to be durable and reliable, and they are. They are called TUSK® for a reason! These dorm supplies are made of 600D which is incredibly durable and built to last to withstand tough college use. Not only are you getting everything you need in one special package deal to make crossing items off your college dorm checklist easier, you're also getting durable dorm room storage.

® 3-Piece College Closet Pack - Aqua (Over Door Shoe Version)
-TUSK® Laundry Backpack: You need a massive dorm laundry bag for your laundry, and this is the dorm laundry bag you are looking for. This massive sized dorm laundry backpack can hold a few loads of laundry and has a shoulder strap to make transport easier. There is even a front pocket for coins, laundry cards, or dryer sheets!
-TUSK® Hanging Sweater Shelves: This is a dorm essentials item you do not want to go to college without. This dorm item has 6 shelves that will maximize your college closet dorm storage space while taking up minimal space in itself as it focuses on using vertical space that isn't often used.
-TUSK® Over The Door Shoe Pockets:
This dorm essentials item has 20 pockets to keep your shoes organized and damage free, and also hangs right over your college closet door. Over the door storage space often goes unused - this dorm necessities item utilizes that space, allowing you to use other areas for other dorm essentials that can't be stored on your dorm room door.

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