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TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack - Gray (Over Door Shoe Version)
TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack - Gray (Over Door Shoe Version) Dorm Storage Solutions Dorm Necessities


TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack - Gray (Over Door Shoe Version)

Top Features include:
  • About TUSK®: Made from durable 600D, our TUSK® College Storage Line is created to be beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use.
  • Includes laundry backpack, hanging sweater shelves, and over the door shoe pockets
  • Vibrant colors add to your dorm room decor
  • Stay organized by adding durable dorm essentials such as our TUSK® Closet Pack that also adds plenty of dorm room storage!
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Product Code: TUSK3P-GRAY

Package Includes: TUSK Laundry Backpack

Package Includes: TUSK Laundry Back:

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Sweater Shelves

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Swea:

Package Includes: TUSK Over The Door Shoe Pockets

Package Includes: TUSK Over The Doo:

Keeping your college dorm room organized is pretty important. Having a well organized dorm room right from move in day will allow you to spend more time studying and less time searching for dorm essentials throughout your room. Keeping your college dorm room organized will also help you cut down on some stress because you won't have to search for your favorite T-Shirt or seasonal boots that you need to wear. Unfortunately, your college dorm room doesn't provide much in the way of dorm room storage and dorm organization, but that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. With our TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack in Gray, you can keep your college dorm room organized while adding plenty more dorm room storage space to your college closet.

Our TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack in Gray has a neutral color that will add to your dorm room decor, but it will also add a lot to your college dorm closet. Each piece in this special package uses minimal dorm room space. In fact, each of these dorm necessities use space that would usually go unused such as the dorm room storage space over your dorm room door or the vertical space in your college closet. With hanging sweater shelves, over the door shoe pockets, and a dorm laundry bag, you'll be able to keep your clothes and shoes organized to prevent damage or wrinkling. These dorm organizers aren't just any ordinary dorm organization tools. Each piece in this college supplies set is made of 600D, which is incredibly durable. Not only are you adding extra dorm room storage to your college closet, you're also getting incredibly durable dorm storage solutions to keep your dorm essentials organized.

TUSK® 3-Piece College Closet Pack in Gray (Over Door Shoe Version) Includes:
Hanging Sweater Shelves: This dorm necessity uses more vertical space than space on your closet rod so you can keep your clothes better organized without worrying about delicate clothes becoming damaged or wrinkled. With 6 shelves, you can keep your clothes separated by style, color, or type of clothing item.
Over The Door Shoe Pockets: With 20 pockets for your shoes, this dorm essentials item will keep your shoes in good condition by not having them in a heap on your college closet floor. Plus, with hooks that fit this dorm essentials item over a dorm door, you don't have to worry about your shoes taking up a lot of floor or college closet shelf space.
Dorm Laundry Backpack: You can't go to college without a dorm laundry backpack. However, you also need to make sure your dorm laundry bag is massive sized to hold a few loads of laundry when you're going weeks in between loads. This dorm laundry backpack is massively sized and even has a shoulder strap for easy transport and a front pocket for dryer sheets, coins, and other laundry accessories.

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