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  Snap Dorm Cubes - Shoe Cubby
Snap Dorm Cubes - Shoe Cubby


Snap Dorm Cubes - Shoe Cubby

Top Features include:
  • Cube pieces snap together for simple building and solid shelves
  • Lightweight, plastic-sheet shelves are more practical than heavy shelves
  • Easy assembly - no tools required - DormCo-exclusive
  • Store shoes and larger dorm items right in these cool shelves

**Check out our video below to see just how much you can fit inside these convenient Snap Dorm Cubes.**

Other retailers $35.98
Our Price: $23.83
You Save: $12.15
Dorm Co. Tip: Shelf holds up to 26 lbs.
Dimensions: Width 21.5", Height 22", Depth 14.5" (Front To Back)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SNAPSHSHOE-LKL516

If you bring all your shoes to college, they might well take up your whole dorm closet! That is, unless you have another means of storing them, such as using this Snap Dorm Cubes - Shoe Cubby. With its wider shelves on the right side, you can keep more shoes out of your closet and properly stored. Proper shoe storage does not include keeping them in a big pile underneath your dorm bed. No, you'll need a cool dorm shelf like this cubby shelf to keep all those shoes in line. Of course, you can use it for other dorm stuff, too, be it extra college stuff and school supplies or even extra clothes.

Constructing this shelf for dorms is easy, as it requires no tools. Just snap together the plastic-sheets shelves and you're all set! While very lightweight, this shelf will still hold a variety of college supplies, and it's sizable enough to be useful yet not too big that it will be inconvenient for your dorm. After all, it takes more dorm storage supplies and college items to stay organized, not fewer. With proper dorm organization supplies, you'll keep your shoes and stuff off the floor, and properly, neatly stored.

Each cube:
Right side rectangles: 14" W, 7" H, 14.5" Depth (Front to back)
Left side squares: 7" W, 7" H, 14.5" Depth (Front to back)
Store it all in these cool cubes! Check out the video if you're preparing for your own upcoming adventure!

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