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iPad Safe Lock-Up Kit
Keeps iPad Safe - iPad Safe Lock-Up Kit - Much Need For Ipad Owners


iPad Safe Lock-Up Kit

Top Features include:
  • Dorm room security for your iPad / Tablet
  • 6Ft Heavy Duty 8mm Locking Cable Safe Locks Around Immovable Furniture
  • Serious Protection for your Most Valuable Asset
  • Durable Safe that can also be used on the go or in your dorm room

Retail Price $64.99
Student Discount Price $28.35
You Save: $36.64
Dorm Co. Tip: Theft in dorms requires must-do prevention

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: CC2-2-5-42694


Losing your iPad is about as pleasant as taking three final exams in one day. In both scenarios, though, if you're smart, you'll be prepared. To make sure that that iPad—probably your most valuable college supply—stays in your posession, be a smart dorm shopper and include this iPad Safe Lock-Up Kit as part of your dorm necessities. This cable and frame is much more practical than having an entire dorm safe. With its steel frame and extra thick cable, no dorm thief will have a chance when it comes to stealing this valuable college supply. To use this lock kit, simply affix it to your iPad and then secure its 6-foot cord around a heavy piece of dorm furniture, such as your college bed or dorm desk. Or, if you're studying on the go, take this ipad protector kit with you.

In college, you really can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your dorm room stuff safe. With that in mind, you have to be especially careful with your electronics for college. Your iPad will be one supply for college that you just can't afford to lose. Aside from obvious physical security, this protector kit will provide peace of mind, which is equally important. In dorm life, you never know when your roommate will leave the door wide open, and so many people are always passing in and out of dorm rooms every day. Sometimes the dorm thief could be someone you even know! It could be someone who sees an iPad lying around and just can't pass up on a good opportunity. Should that situation arise, you'll instantly deter any thieves, and you'll let them know you're someone who keeps guard of her college supplies.

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