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Zebra 4' x 6' Rug - Lime
Great Area Rug For Dorms - Zebra 4' x 6' Rug - Lime - Enhance Dorm Decor

Zebra 4' x 6' Rug - Lime

Top Features include:
  • Trendy Zebra Print in Subdued Lime
  • College Dorm Decor Carpet
  • Vacuum friendly
  • Perfect dorm-sized rug
Retail Price $49.99
Student Discount Price $33.59
You Save: $16.40
Dorm Co. Tip: Most dorms lack rugs, adding a rug is a must

Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Days
Product Code: RUGRACK-G-BIN-4

A cheap rug for college is too often overlooked on dorm items shopping lists. Although you'll be stepping on your dorm floor every day, you're probably thinking about what cool, colorful dorm bedding you'll buy or which posters for college you'll place on those walls. Don't overlook a good dorm rug. With a rug at the center of your room, you'll bring that needed extra dorm decor and really round out your dorm decorations and the overall look of the room. This Zebra 4' x 6' Rug - Lime brings an eye-catching color that still leaves plenty of other options and colorways open for the rest of your dorm decorating ideas.

When friends come to visit, a college rug creates a better seating alternative than the hard floor. Even if you can fit a dorm futon in your room, maximizing seating space is always a good idea. And if you'll use this rug for extra seating, it's vacuum-friendly so you can keep it clean. With a cool rug for your dorm room at the center, you'll have that much more incentive to keep your whole room clean! Don't let your dorm supplies and clothes pile up on the floor and cover this pretty rug; that would be such a waste! Let this dorm rug show off its color and even help you keep your dorm room tidy, too.

About Size:
4' x 6' = A rug for college, this size will make a great centerpiece for your room to really enhance your dorm room decor. It'll soften up those cold, hard floors and make a little hangout zone for when friends visit.

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