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Mini Shelf Supreme Wooden Shelf Liner
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Mini Shelf Supreme Wooden Shelf Liner
Top Features include:

Student Discount Price $20.99

Dorm Co. Tip: Wooden shelving adds to dorm room decor while providing a shelf cover to adjustable shelving!
Dimensions: 22" x 17.3"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: ADJS-SSWS-NOL

How Many Shelves?

Our Mini Shelf Supreme Wooden Shelf Liner matches our Shelf Supreme Adjustable Shelving units! You may not want your cooking items, movies, or games to slip through the bars of the Mini Shelf Supreme. Think about it- you just washed all of your cooking utensils, put them on your Mini Shelf Supreme, and they fell through the cracks between the bars and you have to go back to the dorm kitchen and rewash them. Or even worse- your fork fell through the bars and found its way under your dorm mini-fridge never to be seen again until move out day. Our Wooden Shelving can sit in the center of your dorm shelf with room around the outside edges to hang towels and other college supplies. Your dorm microwave or TV will have a solid base to sit on while you still have room around the outer edges to customize your dorm room decor.

Avoid losing your cooking utensils and having your game controllers not sit right on your Mini Shelf Supreme ! With our Shelf Supreme Wooden Shelving, you can put a protective barrier between your dorm items and the shelf bars, plus you'll have an even surface to work on if you're making a snack or quick breakfast. Our Shelf Supreme Wooden shelving is made of wood with a veneer top to add to dorm room decor. Available in two different colors, you can pick and choose which shelf color best matches your personality and overall dorm room decor theme!

Dimensions: 22" x 17.3"

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