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Universal Headboard Legs
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Universal Headboard Legs

Top Features Include:
  • Adds extra stability to your decorative college headboard
  • Ensures the Twin / Twin XL headboard won't shift and better stays in place
  • Creates the appearance that your stylish headboard is part of your bed
  • Height can be adjusted to accommodate your dorm bed
  • Compatible with our Bevel Tacked, Plush Pleated, Tufted Velvet, Tavira Allure, Villa Classic, and Mo' Headboards
  • Note: Legs are not made to hold a bed frame, but to hold one of our decorative faux headboards

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Retail Price $54.99
Student Discount Price $34.99
You Save: $20.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Add extra stability to your headboard to ensure it won't shift
Dimensions: 60.00" x 2.90" x 0.78"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: LEGS2-UHL

At DormCo, we've styled our college headboards to wedge between your dorm mattress and Twin XL bed frame. But sometimes your Twin XL headboard my need a little extra stability and support. Don't worry, we have you covered with our Universal Headboard Legs designed for certain DormCo college Twin extra long headboards! These wooden dorm headboard legs are designed to fit most of our XL Twin headboards with a wooden core except our DIY and USA Made headboards. Each set of Universal Headboard Legs comes with hardware so that you can easily assemble them on dorm move-in day.

The best part about these college headboard legs is that they are adjustable! If you have a standard dorm bed or you've raised it up a little higher, these long dorm headboard legs can adjust to the perfect height to give your Twin XL headboard that extra support and make it look like it is part of your extra long Twin bed. And when your XL Twin dorm bed looks so stylish, it easily becomes the centerpiece of your college decor. Since these Universal Dorm Headboard Legs fit so many of our wooden Twin XL styles, you'll be able to find the perfect college headboard for your dorm room!

Universal Headboard Leg Dimensions: 60.00" x 2.90" x 0.78"

NOTE: The Universal Headboard Legs are compatible with any of our wood core headboards, except our DIY Headboards or our USA Made Headboards that come with hook-and-loop straps. Legs are not made to hold a bed frame but to hold one of our decorative faux headboards.

Still unsure if the Universal Headboards Legs will work with your headboard? Contact our Service Team at

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