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Wizard Wall - Repositionable Dry Erase (Available 5 - 40 feet!!)
Wizard Wall - Dry Erase College Essentials


Wizard Wall - Dry Erase

Top Features include:
  • Largest dry-erase! Buy 4' to 50' Feet Long Rolls. (BONUS 4' is now 5FT!!)
  • Clings to walls - No sticky Residue
  • Wall Removable and reusable - No damage to dorm walls
  • Cover your entire Dorm Wall in Dry-Erase

**Still not sure?? ... Check out our in use video below!**

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Retail Price $39.99
Student Discount Price $15.98
You Save: $24.01

Dorm Co. Tip: In college you can always use more dry-erase space

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: B1-2-1-WWDECS


We are serious ... 5 to 40 Feet of dry-erase! Cover your entire dorm wall with Dry Erase!!

This innovative dry erase sheet works like none other. Instead of staying on your wall with mounting tape like traditional dry-erase boards or staying up with a sticky peel and stick, this dry erase sheet stays up with Patented Cling Technology. The latest in college dorm decor products, our Wizard Wall is seriously huge and can cover not just your entire dorm wall, but your entire dorm wing too! This product is is not just innovative, but it is made for the college budget, a 5 ft section only costs $15.98. Mom & Dad, we fully understand if you want your own Wizard Wall for the office, as this dry erase cling sheet is also great for presentations and meetings. No wall damage! No sticky residue left on the wall! Our Wizard Wall literally just clings to your wall and stays up. Write on it with dry erase markers without it moving and if you want to take it down or change locations you can do that too.

Our Wizard Wall - Dry Erase is the modern, updated version of the classic dry-erase board. This dorm room classic has been the same for years, finally you get an updated version that ditches the board, but still leaves the dry erase. What's even better is the size & cost. To get a dry erase board this big you would need to pay close to $100! Considering the average old school dry erase board is 11" x 17" this version is a massive size upgrade. Cover a big section of your dorm wall with this awesome dorm decorating supplies item. With a dry-erase this big you can leave all the messages, notes, movie quotes, friend quotes and to-dos you can possible write out. Enjoy the usefulness and innovation of our Wizard Wall - Dry Erase.

Available sizes:
27.5" x 60" (5 feet long) **MOST POPULAR**
27.5" x 120" (10 feet long)
27.5" x 240" (20 feet long)
27.5" x 480" (40 feet long) **Without Cutter**
27.5" x 480" (40 feet long) **With Cutter**

Our Wizard Wall is also available with a cutting kit. If you opt for the full 50 FT section you can get our Wizard Wall Dry Erase with a fast and easy slide and cut system. Make the Wizard Wall into as many dry erase sections as you need. Whether you cut the roll 3 times or 30 times, the cutting kit makes it easy!

The drawing in this video comes to life and tells you just what's so magical about this Wizard Wall!

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