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Wind - Up MP3 Earbuds - Red Only
College Stuff - Wind - Up MP3 Earbuds - Red Only - Great For Studying With Music

Extreme Digital Headphones

Top Features include:
  • Case that helps you wind up your earbuds
  • Cord length is 4 feet long
  • Use for gaming, mp3 players or to help you study
  • Great headphones for college dorm life
    Retail Price $4.57
    Student Discount Price $3.50
    You Save: $1.07

    Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
    Product Code: GH2-4-4-HR228

    If you need to listen to music in your room at home, then you're definitely going to want to listen to it in your college dorm room. The only problem, is that your dorm roommate may not have the same excellent taste in music as you do. Nobody's perfect. But don't worry, you can still listen to all of the loud music you want in your dorm room with our Wind-Up MP3 Earbuds. Plug them into your computer or ipod, or use them for gaming. Walking from your dorm room to class everyday is usually not very exciting or enjoyable. After all, you are walking to class. But with our MP3 Earbuds, rushing out of your college dorm room every morning won't be so bad because you know you'll be able to listen to your favorite songs on the way. And with our Earbuds in, you won't have to worry about having any of those annoying morning people from your dorm building trying to talk to you when you're barely conscious.

    Even if you're not addicted to listening to music like some college students, our Earbuds are also perfect for those nights when you just want to relax and watch a movie on your dorm bed. Just plug our headphones in and you won't have to listen to that dumb reality show your dorm roommate insists on watching.

    There's nothing worse then plugging in your headphones and realizing that only ONE of them works! We've all made this horrible discovery at some point. Luckily, our red Earbuds have a wind up case that will keep them tangle and break free. Earbuds are a must have college supply for all dorm students who love anything from gaming to watching movies. And most importantly, our dorm headphones will make sure that no one will find out about your secret obsession with Justin Bieber.

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