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Waist Money Belt
Waist Money Belt College Supplies Dorm Items


Waist Money Belt

Top Features include:
  • Elastic belt adjusts up to 44" waist
  • Made of Ripstop Polyester with breathable moisture wicking
  • AgION treated to prevent odor causing bacteria
  • 3 convenient compartments attached to your waist to prevent theft
Retail Price $14.99
Student Discount Price $7.77
Sale Price: $3.88
You Save: $11.11
Dorm Co. Tip: Prevent theft while going to class or travelling by keeping your valuables safe and in easy reach

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: T-ST-S5002

Here at DormCo, we know dorm security is a concern. We also know that it is a concern beyond your physical dorm items like your college tablet or laptop that can be locked away in your dorm trunk. When you are walking to class, you also have concerns about campus security and therefore we offer you preventative measures with our Waist Money Belt. Your campus may also be incredibly safe, but you may not want to carry around additional bags with your ID and money because let's face it, you are already taking enough college bags back and forth to class.

With our Waist Money Belt, you can keep your IDs, credit cards and money in a safe and secure spot in an easy to reach place! It can be frustrating to have your college laptop or tablet bag along with your college notebook and textbook bag as well as a purse. When you're carrying two or three bags at one time not only is it going to be heavy and hurt your arm and back, it is also going to be a struggle just to get out a couple dollars for a bottle of water. With our handy dorm essential Waist Money Belt, you can cut down on the amount of college bags you have to carry and have what you need conveniently around your waist. This is also a dorm necessity if you're going to college internationally or travelling! You have enough to keep track of when you're travelling- you don't want to get distracted and lose your money, IDs or boarding passes. With our Waist Money Belt, you can keep all of those small dorm items right on you and not have to worry about losing them from theft. Our Waist Money Belt has three compartments so you can keep your small dorm essentials separated and organized. You may be worried about the fabric around your waist becoming uncomfortable, but you don't have to worry with this dorm necessity! It is made of Ripstop Polyester with CoolMax breathable moisture wicking so you don't have to worry about your clothes or the belt sticking to you uncomfortably.

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