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VIN Armored Trunks - Rouge Destination (Silver)
VIN Armored Trunks - Rouge Destination (Silver) Dorm Storage Solutions Dorm Essentials


VIN® Armored Trunks - Rouge Destination (Silver)

Top Features include:
  • Durable dorm trunk with sleek appearance
  • Extra durable inset wheels reduce floor space and allow for easy transport
  • Inset handles on each end to easily pull the dorm trunk
  • Inset locking clasps are lockable with padlocks
  • Lightweight by design - weighs under 20 pounds with a durable plywood construction!
  • VIN® - Adds to your dorm room decor while providing you with a durable dorm storage solution

Student Discount Price $168.16

Dorm Co. Tip: Add trendy design to your dorm room decor while keeping extra college supplies organized
Dimensions: 28.35" x 16.93" x 15.35"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: VIN-DT-WHT

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As you're moving into college, there are a lot of dorm essentials you need to be fully prepared for college living. One of those dorm essentials you want to make sure you have plenty of is dorm room storage. When you move into your college dorm room, you'll find that you have your college closet, dorm dresser, and dorm desk, however, you will also find that those dorm items don't provide as much dorm room storage as you need. To live comfortably in your college dorm room and bring all of the college supplies you need with you to college, make sure you add spacious dorm storage solutions to your college supplies. However, don't add just any old dorm storage solutions to your college dorm room. Make sure they also add some great style to your dorm room decor! For style and plenty of dorm room storage, add our VIN® Armored Trunk - Rouge Destination in Silver.

Our VIN® Armored Trunk - Rouge Destination in Silver has a modern, sleek appearance that will look great with any style of dorm room decor you have planned. The sides of this dorm essentials item are a classic silver with silver highlights around the edges from the hardware for a streamlined, stylish appearance. This dorm trunk doesn't just merely offer plenty of dorm room storage space for your extra seasonal clothes, pantry items, and college textbooks. This dorm essentials item also has a lightweight design that won't make transporting those dorm items difficult. This dorm trunk weighs under 20 pounds, so while other quality trunks may make you feel like you brought everything but the kitchen sink with you to college due to the weight, this dorm trunk will allow you to easily transport and carry your dorm necessities. You will have your dorm dresser and college closet, but don't underestimate how much a dorm trunk can add to your college dorm room. Once you unpack, you may find yourself with a pile of dorm necessities that you simply have no designated spot for. Not so with our VIN® Armored Trunk - Rouge Destination in Silver in your college supplies! Keep your extra college supplies organized, add plenty of dorm room storage to your college dorm room, and add to your dorm room decor with our VIN® Armored Trunks - Rouge Destination in Silver.

About VIN
® Armored Dorm Trunks:
VIN®Armored Trunks are the latest DormCo brand of trunks meant to combine durability and quality with a streamlined, stylish appearance. VIN®Trunks are available in 4 distant series. Rouge Destination (the first series) provides high quality at an affordable cost. Available in Silver, Black, Carribean Teal, and Gray, our Rouge Destination series has a classic look.
This class of footlockers takes durability to unprecedented levels. Regarded as the strongest consumer trunks ever made, these VIN®Trunks are Top of the Line!
Check out how the VIN Trunk can make packing and storing your essentials in college a breeze!

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