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Utensil Wipes
Utensil Wipes

Utensil Wipes

Top Features include:
  • Safe way to clean utensils (silverware) without a dishwasher or need for soap
  • Uses natural ingredients such as lemongrass oil, which has antimicrobial properties - No alcohol
  • Wipes can also clean your plates, glasses, bowls and soda can tops
  • Dorms lack dishwashers and using soap and sponge in a community bathroom is less than sanitary
  • A must-have dorm product for clean up after or before eating - Includes 10 Wipes

**Check out our video below with Jeffrey! As he'll explain these wipes are way more convenient for cleaning and don't require using any dorm tap water that comes from old pipes.**

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Retail Price $3.99
Student Discount Price $2.89
You Save: $1.10
Dorm Co. Tip: It's the little things that make dorm life easier

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: I-BIN-48-10WIPES

After a long day of classes and endless homework, you won't want to come back to your dorm room and do dishes. Sure it can always be hard to find the motivation to do dishes, but college life will leave you busy enough to at least have legitimate excuses to not do dishes! Plus, washing dishes in the communal bathroom isn't always the cleanest set up, and it can make quite a mess of those little sinks. As a much easier alternative, try our Utensil Wipes. By using natural ingredients that have antimicrobial properties and the ability to disengage dirt, these wipes make doing dishes one fast and easy job.

Since dorm rooms don't come with full-out kitchens and utensil drawers for your forks and spoons, you might end up having to store that dorm utensil set in a college desk drawer or a shelf drawer. It can't hurt to give those forks and spoons a good wipe down with some Utensil Wipes before proceeding to eat with them. College dorms, because they're so small, can collect dust and dirt easily, and you surely don't want an extra portion of dust with your cereal! Since mom won't be there to wash your dishes, you'll have to do it yourself ... or at least you can give them a quick cleaning with these alcohol-free Utensil Wipes. Mom would be proud.

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