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Ultra Thin Soft Grip Hangers - Black - Box of 50
Ultra Thin Soft Grip Hangers - Black - Box of 50 Dorm Essentials


Ultra Thin Soft Grip Hangers - Black - Box of 50

Top Features include:
  • Dorm Essentials for your college closet
  • Black - Soft Grip so clothes won't slip!
  • Top Groove for tanks or bras
  • College dorm essential
Retail Price $39.99
Student Discount Price $29.99
You Save: $10.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Add some hangers that save space

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: RIC-48920501000

There's nothing worse than looking for that one specific shirt you need and not being able to find it in your dorm room closet. Especially if that shirt is right in front of you on the floor of your dorm room closet! Every dorm room closet needs hangers. Our Ultra Thin Soft Grip Hangers - Black - Box of 50 will make sure your clothes stay off the floor like they should be. Covered in velvet, our dorm closet hangers are made to keep you clothes in place so that you never have to search for fallen shirts on your closet floor. If you have a lot of clothes, having a small closet can sometimes be a problem. Our dorm hangers' ultra thin profile makes it possible for you to hang more clothes in such a confined space.

You can never come to college with too many hangers because you never know how many new shirts and pants you'll be adding to your closet throughout the year. Wire hangers can bend and break so easily. Instead of using cheap hangers that are sure to let your clothes slip and fall onto your dorm closet floor, add our velvet hangers to your college supplies and keep your closet neat and organized. You may not think of hangers as dorm room organizers, but your closet is one of the most important places for you to store your college supplies. With quality dorm hangers in your college survival kit, your closet will stay neat and organized no matter how rushed you are in the morning!

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