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Ultra Long Cell Phone Power Cord - 10 Feet
Ultra Long Cell Phone Power Cord - 10 Feet


Ultra Long Cell Phone Power Cord - 10 Feet (Ships Color Assorted)

Top Features include:
  • Extra long 10-ft. cord gives plenty of reach - plugs in to USB - or upgrade to removable USB head to plug in to outlet
  • Long enough to reach the top bunk from a ground outlet!
  • Useful for charging electronics when outlet's far away
  • Works with iPhone 4, 5 and with Android devices
**Check out the video below to see just how useful a extra long power chord can be when charging your phone! It's really useful, especially in the dorms!**

Retail Price $25.96
Student Discount Price $11.99
Sale Price: $5.50
You Save: $20.46
Dorm Co. Tip: A college supply that goes the distance!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: UL-10

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Sleeping on the top bunk in a dorm room is an adventure. Being way up in the air like that is not for the faint of heart, but for students who like the challenge of trying to get in and out bed without falling. But at least you have room to sit up if your ceiling's high enough. While exciting, sleeping on a twin xl dorm bed that high up can be a hassle. How do you keep your phone (most students' alarm clock) nearby if your charger is way down on the floor? This ultra long cell phone cord is your top bunk savior! Always be on the lookout for useful dorm supplies and cool dorm items to make dorm life more practical.

This 10-foot long cord can stretch all the way from the outlet to the top bunk with ease. You'll never have to leave your phone again! This cord is adaptable to either the iPhone 4 or 5, so you don't have to worry about buying a new cord if you upgrade your phone. There's also a version for Android phones, too. This dorm accessory is not only necessary for top bunkers, but for all college students! You'll never have to struggle with a short phone cord again. You can charge your phone no matter where the outlet is! That's what we call a dorm essential product and one useful college item. Just don't forget to add on the USB wall adapter so that you can plug it into an outlet, as opposed to only your computer's USB outlet.
Charge your phone conveniently with an Ultra Long Cell Phone Power Cord that's 10 feet long! Watch this video to see more!

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