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USA Made 5 Zone Twin XL Memory Foam Topper
Twin Extra Long Dorm Bedding Essentials Egg Crate Topper Pressure Point Mattress Pad


5 Zone Twin XL Foam Topper

Top Features include:
  • Impressive Comfort - Visco-elastic Memory Foam - USA made
  • 5 Zone using - Ripples, Waves & Coils
  • Density of 2.5lbs & 1.5" Thick - Hypo-Allergenic
  • Sized for College Dorm Bedding

Looking for 5 Zone Memory Foam Topper in Full, Queen, or King sizes?
Check out:
Retail Price $59.99
Student Discount Price $43.79
You Save: $16.20
Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm beds need all the cushion & support possible!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: C3-1-4-5ZONE

Our 5 Zone Twin XL Foam Topper has a 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and is a High Quality Made in the USA College Bedding Product. Your university supplied dorm bed will need lots of help and for that reason Twin XL bed toppers have quickly become a must have dorm bedding product.

The 5 Zone design has become a popular layout for bedding toppers, but what is hard to find is a 5 Zone design that is not only for Twin XL beds, but also made of memory foam too. Most 5 Zones are made of cheap foam that won't provide the cushion comfort of memory foam. It is important to remember that not all foam toppers are created the same. Here at Dorm Co we carry cheaper foam toppers that are not considered memory foam, we carry high end memory foam toppers made of 2.2 - 2.5 lb density and we carry the middle priced and middle of the road option of our 5 Zone, 2.5 lb density foam topper. The variations can get confusing, but hopefully we shed useful information on the various qualities and thicknesses for your dorm Twin XL bed topper search. The key to shopping for a good Twin XL bedding topper is to determine the level of memory foam that you want and the overall thickness you want. From there you should be able to decide which dorm bedding topper is best for your style.

We'd be happy to help further questions so please call us at 888 925 2899 or email

Key Features:
2.5lb density / 1.5" Thick Zoned Memory Foam / 5 Zone Sections consisting of 3 patterns / Less tossing & turning / Reduces stress on pressure points / promotes a more rested night's sleep / 3 year warranty / Made of 100% Visco-elastic memory foam

5 ZONE Sections include:
Ripples - Located in the feet and head area for gentle support (located in 2 areas)
Waves - Perfect Support for your legs and shoulders (located in 2 areas)
Coils - Ultimate Support for your back and torso

About Encasement Cover for Topper: Some of the top questions our dorm expert staff gets asked are: Do I need a dorm bedding topper encasement? Do your Twin XL Toppers come with encasements? Where do I put the Twin XL College Bedding Topper? Let's address these great questions!

1. No, you do not need an encasement cover for your Topper, unless you live in the wacky state of California. Why? Well, we aren't lawyers or politicians, but somewhere, somehow, someone in California made a law stating bed toppers made of foam needed to be encased. Strange right? We don't get the law we just pass it on! For everyone besides California you can purchase our toppers without the encasement (see #2 for why it's not essential).

2. No, our dorm bedding toppers do not come with encasements. If you like the idea of an encasement we offer a cheap and useful option, but by no means do you need it (unless you're a California resident). By offering our Twin XL Dorm Bedding Toppers without the encasement we can keep your dorm bedding costs even lower! We give you, the customer the ability to decide what is necessary and what is not. If you like the idea of the Twin XL Topper being concealed from elements such as spilled drinks, dirt, dust, etc, then it is a cheap insurance policy on keeping your Dorm Bedding Topper protected. On the other hand you may get that protection simply from your Twin XL fitted sheet or mattress pad (see #3), so the decision does come down to your budget and your personal dorm bedding needs.

3. Most students place their dorm bedding topper on their Twin XL mattress and then 'lock it' into place with a mattress pad or just a fitted sheet. By setting your college bedding up this way you prevent the Twin XL Foam Topper from shifting around. The mattress pad and/or fitted sheet forms your Twin XL Memory Foam Topper to the bed to create an in place comfort for all your much needed college sleep!

If you want to learn more about our Twin XL Topper Encasement Cover check out: Basic Twin XL Mattress Cover, This cover can encase your entire mattress & topper or you can simply encase your topper and then place the encased topper on your college provided Twin XL mattress.

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