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Tree of Love, Faith and Hope - Peel N Stick
Decorate Your Dorm - Tree of Love, Faith and Hope - Peel N Stick - Add A Great Centerpiece For Your Wall Decor


Tree of Love, Faith and Hope - Peel N Stick

Top Features include:

  • Peel & Stick won't damage walls
  • Ideal College Dorm Decor
  • Re-positionable (adjust until you like it!)
  • Inspirational wall quotes for college life
Retail Price $49.99
Student Discount Price $20.75
You Save: $29.24
Dorm Co. Tip: College is all about hope and working towards an enjoyable life
Dimensions: Assembled size 39.25" x 60"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: BB1-2-6-2153SLM

You won't have the chance to do very much gardening when you're living in a dorm. That doesn't mean that you can't still have a tree in your dorm room! You'll never fit a real tree in there, but you can fit this Tree of Love, Faith and Hope - Peel N Stick. This tree won't require any watering, and instead of shedding leaves, it spreads lovely, inspiring quotes. As part of your wall decor for college, this dorm wall decoration tree will be perhaps the most unique dorm item in your room. All students will have college posters and other typical dorm wall decorations, and those who love nature might have some tree photos. But we think this Peel 'N Stick tree looks even cooler than actual trees! (Don't take it personally, mother nature.)

Since this Peel 'N Stick dorm wall decor is re-positionable, you can arrange it however best you see fit. Make it a traditional tree with leaves, or spread its "leaves" along the bottom to recreate an autumn scene. Dorm wall decor is, after all, all about bringing some character and fun to your dorm room. Since this decorative tree is quite tall, it'll easily be the centerpiece of your dorm decorations—which is just fine. After all, if you have a tree as part of your wall decor, you'll want people to notice it!

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