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The Tower - College Desk Textbook Shelf
The Tower - College Desk Textbook Shelf


The Tower - College Desk Textbook Shelf

Top Features include:
  • Ideal college desk bookshelf to hold everything!
  • Sturdy particle board construction - pieces screw and hammer together
  • Wide and tall design makes it able to hold a variety of textbooks, folders, and more
  • Made specifically to fit on top of college dorm-sized desks!
  • See image listed with dimensions in inches
**Check out our video below to learn more about organizing your dorm room desk and maximizing your space with different bookshelf options.**

Retail Price $59.00
Student Discount Price $44.99
You Save: $14.01
Dorm Co. Tip: Ask your school if your dorm desk will have an upper shelf
Dimensions: * See image listed with dimensions in inches

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: TTCTB-TOWER


There's just no comparing the usefulness of a dorm desk that has an upper shelf attached to it with one that does not. So if your desk will be lacking this needed shelf space, bring your own! No, we don't mean adding in a whole, big, heavy bookshelf to your dorm room. Instead, add a handy dorm desk shelf like The Tower - College Desk Textbook Shelf. With its taller structure design, you'll have pockets made just for textbooks, and other storage areas to keep school supplies and dorm accessories. The flat surface up top also makes a handy storage area for more college stuff.

This desk shelf is made from particle board pieces that screw together, creating a sturdy and ever-useful shelf. Primarily, of course, it'll provide a nice place to keep your textbooks, as if you don't have a designated place for them, they're bound to wind up in piles all around your dorm room. By keeping them organized, you're also more likely to actually read them! And we think that's a good thing. So from books to other college essentials and everyday dorm supplies, remember that if you don't have a shelf for storage, all those college items are bound to go missing or make a mess of your room.

37"L x 9.5"D x 28"H
Cubes on the Left:
7.9"L x 13.4"H
Cubes on the Right:
Bottom Cube:
7.9"L x 7.9"H
Middle Cube:
7.9"L x 6"H
Top Cube:
7.9"L x 13.4"H
Bookshelves are great for organizing your dorm room desk. Watch the video below to see all of the great options and uses!

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