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The TabletSafe - Multi-Storage Safe
The TabletSafe - Multi-Storage Safe


The TabletSafe - Multi-Storage Safe

Top Features include:

  • Dorm room security for tablets, wallets, cash, passports, and other dorm valuables
  • Includes a 3-dial padlock, two adjustable storage trays, and door panel for tablet device
  • High-impact ABS plastic construction - Made in the USA
  • Mounting back bracket to attach safe to boards, round furniture poles, etc. - all pieces included

Retail Price $75.59
Student Discount Price $59.99
You Save: $15.60
Dorm Co. Tip: Theft in dorms requires proactive prevention
Dimensions: 12″ high x 9″ wide by 4″ deep

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days

What's peace of mind worth to you? Perhaps it's hard to put a number on that ... actually, perhaps not so. All those dorm items that are high-value need to be protected, as you know you'd be in big trouble if you lost a lot of your expensive dorm stuff. From tablets, to your phone, to the emergency cash you keep on hand, you don't want any of those college essentials to suddenly go missing. And if you don't keep them secure in a dorm safe, if they ever do go missing, it's likely you were robbed! Don't let it happen, Instead, be safe and keep those valuable college products locked up. No, you don't need some big, bulky bank safe for dorms; instead, add The Tablet Safe - Multi-Storage Safe to your college essentials.

This tablet safe is ideal for storing table devices, as you can see; its slim side pocket creates the perfect storage spot. There's also extra other shelves (which are adjustable) so you can keep other valuable dorm items protected. With the hard plastic shell of this safe for college dorms, your belongings will be secure, and most importantly, you'll have peace of mind. Even if you hide your college items, dorm rooms are small, and there aren't many hiding places in dorms. Instead, keep all those valuable dorm necessities secure and safe. Plus, if you have a designated spot for valuable items for college, you won't lose them either!

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