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The Storage MAX - Underbed Wooden Organizer With Wheels - Black Walnut Brown
The Storage MAX - Underbed Wooden Organizer With Wheels - Black Oak College Supplies College Dorm Storage


The Storage MAX - Underbed Wooden Organizer With Wheels -
Black Walnut Brown

Top Features include:
  • Keeps your extra dorm stuff organized
  • Wheels let you easily pull organizer out
  • No tools necessary, easy to assemble!
  • Keep your cooking items, extra clothes and dorm blankets organized in underbed storage!
**Check out the video below to see this trendy new dorm organization product, The Storage MAX!
Retail Price $59.95
Student Discount Price $41.49
You Save: $18.46
Dorm Co. Tip: Utilize valuable underbed storage space and keep your dorm items organized!
Dimensions: 33.8"W x 26"D x 8"H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Stepping into your dorm room for the first time is going to be both exciting and stressful. You're starting a new adventure but now you also need to figure out where to put all of the things you brought with you to college. Unfortunately you will find that you don't have enough dorm room storage with your dorm closet, dorm desk and college dresser. However, there is an area that frequently goes unused that should not be ignored because it will give you the most dorm room storage space. That area is under your dorm bed. Unfortunately before you can use that area you will have to sweep the dust bunnies out, but once you do that gross task you will be glad you did when you see how much you can fit under your dorm bed, especially if you have dorm room bed risers!

The Storage MAX - Underbed Wooden Organizer With Wheels in Black Walnut is a durable underbed dorm storage solution that will keep your dorm essentials clean and organized. You may not want plastic bags hanging out under your bed and detracting from your dorm room decor. Our Storage MAX is an attractive dorm organizer that will add and not detract from your dorm decor. Plus The Storage MAX is named that for a reason- it is a massive size which means you can fit a lot of your extra dorm essentials inside this underbed cart. Our Storage MAX Underbed Wooden Organizer is durable enough to hold everything you want to put in it and when you need to retrieve something from the cart, it has wheels so you can conveniently pull it out from under your bed as much as you need to. If you ran out of room in your dorm dresser, college desk or dorm closet, the only options left are for you to somehow get the item back home or store it under your dorm bed. You don't want to pick and choose what stays and what goes once you're already moved in- add an underbed wooden organizer so that you can still keep those dorm items, and most importantly keep them clean!
Need underbed storage? Watch to see just how important it can be in a small dorm room!

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