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Showerhead Dorm Shower Organizer - Teal
Showerhead Dorm Shower Organizer - Teal Dorm Essentials Dorm Shower Caddy

Showerhead Dorm Shower Organizer - Teal

Top Features includes:
  • Lightweight design fits over dorm showerheads
  • Holds Large Inverted bottles
  • Includes soap dish and razor hooks
  • Suction cups to keep your dorm shower caddy in place
Retail Price $9.99
Student Discount Price $6.90
You Save: $3.09
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep bottles, towels and other dorm essentials organized in your shower
Dimensions: 11" x 4.5" x 15.75"

Availability: SHIPS IN 24 HOURS
Product Code: HPI-22011313

You were probably excited when you got your dorm room assignment and saw that you were lucky enough to be assigned to a suite-style dorm room. That means you have a private dorm bathroom that you only have to share with your college dorm roommates! Of course that also means more dorm essentials like dorm shower curtains and dorm shower curtain hooks, but it is so worth it when you get to sleep in a little bit because you don't have to coordinate your shower time around the rest of your dorm floor. There is one college supplies product that every college student needs, however, and that dorm essentials product is a dorm shower caddy. Of course the type of dorm shower caddy you get while dorm room shopping depends on your dorm room assignment, but every college student still needs this cheap dorm supplies product.

Our Showerhead Dorm Shower Organizer in Teal will add some bright dorm room decor to your college dorm bathroom with the dorm shower caddy being teal with yellow highlights. This dorm necessity fits over your dorm showerhead and has two suction cups to hold the shower caddy for college dorms in place in your dorm shower. One of the things that is great about this must have dorm item is that the top tray has two holes so you can choose to stick your shampoo and conditioner bottles upside down and you don't have to worry about throwing out the little bit of shampoo at the bottom of an empty bottle. Underneath that tray is a soap dish that you can also put a college washcloth or loofah on. In the front of this dorm essential are two small hooks for a razor. Keep your dorm bathroom organized and keep all your bathroom accessories in one place with our Showerhead Dorm Shower Organizer in Teal!

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