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TUSK® Fold Up Cube 4-Pack - Black
TUSK® Fold Up Cube 4-Pack - Black Dorm Items Dorm Storage Solutions


TUSK® Fold Up Cube 4-Pack - Black

Top Features include:
  • About TUSK®: Made from durable 600D, our TUSK® College Storage Line is created to be beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use.
  • Easy Pull Handles
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Includes 4 large cubes for the top of closet shelves, on your closet floor, or even on your dorm desk
Retail Price $35.40
Student Discount Price $29.98
You Save: $5.42
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 12"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: TUSK4-BLK

Keeping your pantry items or seasonal clothes on your college closet shelf simply isn't convenient. You're going to find that dorm items tip over and leave your college closet disorganized. Not only that, but it can also add stress to you because your dorm room isn't as organized as it should be for smooth college living. When you move into college, you want to make sure that you have plenty of dorm organizers to not only maximize your dorm room storage space, but to also keep what space you do have running smoothly, thus eliminating some stress. To fully maximize your dorm closet dorm room storage space, add our TUSK® Fold Up Cube 4-Pack in Black. Not only will this dorm essentials package add plenty more dorm room storage to your college dorm room, it will also add to your dorm room decor with the neutral black color of each box.

Our TUSK® Fold Up Cube 4-Pack in Black has a handle in the center of each box. These dorm essentials can even sit on top of your dorm dresser or dorm desk for extra dorm room storage. Not sure where to keep your dorm bath towels and washcloths? Store them in one of these dorm organizers on your college closet shelf and don't worry about standing on a chair at the end of the year to reach a washcloth that fell way in the back of your closet shelf! With 4 boxes in this special package deal, you can have a designated dorm storage dorm item for your pantry items, seasonal clothes, towels, and more. Of course, these dorm necessities have more features than dorm room decoration and dorm organization. Each box in our special TUSK® Fold Up Cube 4-Pack in Black is made of 600D which means not only are you getting plenty of dorm room storage, but these dorm essentials are also really, really durable. Built to last with the ability to withstand tough college use, you won't have a dorm organizer that will let you down with our TUSK® Fold Up Cube 4-Pack in Black.

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