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Sweep 7 Hook - Over the Door
Sweep 7 Hook Over the Door coat hanger

Sweep 7 Hook - Over the Door

Top Features include:
  • 7 Hooks to maximize hanging
  • Fits thick dorm doors
  • Must have dorm essential
Retail Price $21.50
Student Discount Price $14.72
You Save: $6.78
Dimensions: 20'' W x 13'' H

Product Code: D1-1-2-64910


What makes our Sweep 7 Hook Over the Door Hooks stand out may be its stylish design, but what makes it a great dorm buy is its cool design and practicality. With all dorm rooms needing over the door hooks also known as OTD hooks it is essential that your college checklist has an over the door product. With all the choices your decision is hard, but our Sweep makes a strong case that it should be the only over-the-door hook on your list. Since dorm doors vary in width and before college move in day you don't know what width your dorm doors are, it is better to be safe than sorry. Get hooks that are too big and your over the door product will droop. Get hooks that are too small and your over the door product won't fit. The key to making sure college move-in day is less stressful is making sure your dorm supplies are versatile. With the Sweep you get 7 Hook set-up that will fit a variety of door widths.

We know you are thinking, "Do all dorm products require knowing these little details?" And the answer is that dorm life is different and there are small details to know when shopping for your college stuff. The good news however is that DormCo is here to help and for every dorm supplies product we carry we make sure to give you more than enough information to make a decision. You'll never see a product with a one sentence write-up! If after learning about one of our dorm products you still have questions feel free to contact ust anytime!

Back to the Sweep:
Our Sweep 7 Hook Over the Door Hooks provides you with a spot to hang everything or anything that would otherwise end up on the floor or jammed into your tiny closet. Make your dorm organized and enjoyable by adding this useful college supply product.

  • Available in Chrome or Black
  • 7 hooks
  • Stylish curved frame
  • No assembly/tools required

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