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Surge Protector Fail-Safe Strip - 7 Outlets
Surge Protector Fail-Safe Strip - 7 Outlets

Surge Protector Fail-Safe Strip - 7 Outlets

Top Features include:
  • Surge protector with seven outlets, one of which designed for transformer blocks
  • Protects against surges, power spikes, and lightening
  • Features 4' Power Cord and comes with Safety Covers
  • LED indicator lights warns if outlet is not properly grounded or correctly wired
  • If circuit damaged, cuts all power to electronics, a feature most surge protectors lack
Retail Price $18.99
Student Discount Price $15.76
You Save: $3.23
Dorm Co. Tip: Additional dorm outlets will never go unused

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: PET-APNP74

All those electronics for college can be expensive. From laptops, to cellphones, to your TV and game system, having to suddenly replace all that great dorm stuff would be quite pricey. Yet that could be just the situation you'd face if suddenly all those college electronics get fried! While your chances of getting struck by lightening are low, you should also be concerned about all those college electronics. They're key parts of your dorm stuff, and losing them would be taking a big hit out of those dorm essentials you'll use daily. So don't let it happen! Instead, keep all those college items safe from any electrical issues by using a surge protector like our Surge Protector Fail-Safe Strip - 7 Outlets.

This cool college supply will cut any further electricity flow to your electronics should a power surge occur. This blocks damage and prevents further damage to your valuable college stuff. While, no, it's not incredibly likely your dorm building will get struck by lightning and all your valuables will be fried, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't stay on the safe side and help to ensure that your valuable dorm supplies are safe. It's true that dorm security products help to keep items safe from theft, but safety also implies having electronics hooked up to a proper surge protector for college.

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