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REFURB Suprima® Ultimate Height Bed Risers - Carbon Steel - Black
Refurb Suprima Ultimate Height Bed Risers - Carbon Steel - Black  ​


Refurb Suprima® Ultimate Height Bed Risers - Carbon Steel - Black
Top Features include:
  • This is a REFURBISHED unit that is usable, but may have some cosmetic damage.
  • Ultra strong carbon steel bed risers are designed to fit college dorm square wooden bed frames and provide Ultimate Height!
  • Bed Risers stand over 23.5" tall, raising your bed over 20.5" - which is 4X the height of standard plastic, cheap bed risers.
  • Ultimate Height Bed Risers allow you to fit hampers, a mini-fridge, drawer organizers, suitcases, trunks and much more all under your dorm bed!
  • Reclaim your dorm! Dorm life doesn't need to feel cramped, gain maximum organizing space and storage with Suprima® Bed Risers
  • Includes 4 legs with rubber stoppers, tightening knobs, and metal insert protectors to protect your college dorm bed
Note: Your bed post must be a college dorm, wooden bed post and it must be at least 2" in diameter. All Standard College Dorm Bed Posts range from 2-3" in Diameter.

Student Discount Price $83.87
Dorm Co. Tip: Add ultimate underbed storage with ultimate bed risers!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

At DormCo, we know that you have a college friendly budget to stick to, but that unfortunately doesn't make your list of essential dorm supplies any smaller! With so many dorm necessities needed to create a functioning and comfortable dorm room, it can feel overwhelming to find the right dorm prices for your college essentials. Since our goal is to help you create the best college dorm possible, we also want to offer discounted dorm stuff when we can! We also don't want to throw out dorm products that can still be used, like these refurbished Suprima® Ultimate Height Bed Risers - Carbon Steel - Black.

Refurb dorm furniture like this set of black dorm bed risers are inspected to make sure that they are still safe and usable, so you don't have to worry about a wobbly Twin XL Bed (please see our note on the appropriate bed legs to use with these risers). Sure, there may be some scratches or chipped paint on these college bed risers, but that doesn't impact how well they raise your dorm bed to allow extra dorm store space in your dorm room. Plus, you can work on hiding any cosmetic imperfections by adding a stylish and affordable Twin XL college bed skirt to your must-have dorm supplies checklist.

Dimensions: 3.15''L x 3.15''W x 23.62''H

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