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Suprima® Adjustable Shelving - Slip Sleeves - Black
Suprima Adjustable Shelving - Slip Sleeves - Black

Suprima® Adjustable Shelving - Slip Sleeves - Black

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Moving in and out of your dorm room can be hectic and, even when you're extra careful, bad things can still happen. Damaging or losing parts of your dorm furniture is totally normal, but that doesn't mean you need to toss the entire thing! If you've lost or damaged your Suprima® Adjustable Shelving Slip Sleeves, you can just buy more and your essential dorm shelving will be good as new. You'll need two slip sleeve pieces to create a full sleeve to fit around your dorm furniture post, so just choose the right amount you need or get a few extras just in case.

Since dorm storage shelving is such a crucial part of any dorm room, we want to make sure you can continue to use it throughout your college career. Hopefully all of the pieces of your college shelving makes it out of your dorm room safely, but we're here for you just in case. These affordable plastic pieces for some of our Suprima® dorm shelving units will ensure you'll always have sturdy and reliable dorm room storage for your essential college supplies!

Note: These replacement parts are not compatible with our Suprima® Desktop Carbon Steel Bookshelves.

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