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Super Jumbo Laundry Bag - TUSK® College Storage
Super Jumbo Laundry Bag - TUSK® College Storage Dorm Laundry Bags


Super Jumbo Laundry Bag - TUSK® College Storage

Top Features include:
  • Largest laundry bag - 28" x 39.5"
  • Sturdy 600D
  • Beyond durable, tough, built to last construction for tough college use
  • Great for the procrastinating student
*Check out the Super Jumbo Laundry Bag - TUSK® College Storage and how durable it is in the video below!
Retail Price $10.59
Student Discount Price $6.59
You Save: $4.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Store laundry under the bed or in your closet
Dimensions: 28" x 39.5"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: TUSK-JLBAG


There's a lot of things you're going to be involved in while you're at college. You're going to be taking a lot of college courses and you may even have sports, clubs, or organizations you're involved in - not to mention homework and maybe even a part or full time job. In other words, your schedule is going to be pretty full and some things may get passed onto another day or another week even because there simply isn't time. Of course it's not going to be your job or your homework that gets tacked onto another week - it's going to be your laundry. No one likes doing laundry in the first place and it is going to be just plain hard to do when you're in college. That means you are going to need a dorm laundry bag that will be durable and large enough to hold plenty of laundry. Multiple loads of laundry, in fact. Look no further than our TUSK® College Storage Super Jumbo Laundry Bag.

TUSK® College Storage Super Jumbo Laundry Bag is both incredibly large sized and incredibly durable. It has a drawstring on the top to make carrying it to the dorm laundry room easier and your laundry will also stay precisely where it is supposed to instead of falling onto the floor. As part of our TUSK® College storage line, this dorm essential dorm laundry bag is made of 600D. This dorm laundry bag is extremely tough and built to withstand tough college use. Our TUSK® College Storage Jumbo Laundry Bag is going to be durable to hold and carry multiple loads of laundry to your dorm laundry room without breaking along the way. You're going to be going weeks between washing loads of laundry - have a dorm laundry bag in your college supplies that will allow you to do that. After all, we call it the Super Jumbo Dorm Laundry Bag for a reason!

Super Jumbo Laundry Bag

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