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Steel Shade Desk Lamp
Cheap Dorm Stuff - Steel Shade Desk Lamp - Great Item For College

Steel Shade Desk Lamp

Top Features include:
  • Don't rely on overhead lighting for adequate lighting
  • When studying or reading, extra lighting helps prevent eyestrain
  • Plugs in for power
  • High-quality steel means a durable college lamp
Retail Price $28.50
Student Discount Price $18.67
You Save: $9.83
Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm lights are essential for reading at your desk!
Dimensions: 16" Height

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: Z2-3-7-A21084D

Your college dorm supplies should be with you throughout your college career, and even beyond for some dorm items. So when shopping for college stuff, consider how it's made. This Steel Shade Desk Lamp is clearly made from metal, which means it will be plenty strong. So should you accidentally knock it off your desk or dorm dresser, metal just happens to be quite durable. No, we can't guarantee that this dorm supply will be indestructible by any means, but it will be much more durable than a glass cheap desk lamp. Steel also has that smooth, refined look that comes inherent—it's a bonus; it'll add to your dorm decor while lighting up your dorm room!

The best dorm supplies also make dorm living more convenient, of course. This college lamp can bring extra light to your whole dorm room, or it can light up specific areas. Of course, it can go right on top of your college desk, or place it atop your dorm shelf to put a nice glow across your whole room. Dorm lights are crucial when it comes to reading, whether at your desk or in your favorite dorm chair. In fact, they're dorm necessities when it comes to doing practically anything in your dorm room. That is except for waking up your roommate. If you walk in and turn on this college lamp, your roommate can continue to sleep in peace. But if you switch on the overhead light, your roommate will be rudely awakened!

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