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Stapler - Aqua
Stapler - Aqua Dorm Necessities College Supplies

Stapler - Aqua

Top Features include:
  • Complete your dorm room decor
  • Staples up to 20 sheets at once
  • Half-strip or full size standard staples can fit in this dorm essential
  • Avoid trekking to the library or computer lab to staple your essays
Student Discount Price $13.99
Dorm Co. Tip: You're in college to study - make sure you have the desk supplies to make studying more efficient
Dimensions: 5.5"L x 1.25"W x 2"H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

When you're putting together your college dorm checklist, you don't want to forget about basic dorm desk supplies. You don't want to run to the library or computer lab on the other side of campus just to staple your English essay. Plus, if you do that enough times, the nice workers may start giving you mean looks or hiding those things. Don't be that person knocking people over because you're running to the library. Plus, how disappointing would it be to find that the stapler ran out of staples or it's just missing. Make sure you're well stocked on your dorm essentials by having basic college supplies like our Stapler - Aqua on hand.

Stapler in Aqua will help you keep your unruly college essays in line. And because your college essays will be a lot more than the one or two pages they were in high school, this handy college supplies item can staple up to 20 sheets at once. While keeping your pages of your college essay together in a coherent order is pretty great, this dorm item does more than that. It also adds to your dorm room decor and makes your dorm desk look pretty snazzy. In a bright aqua color, you can make your dorm desk a little more cheerful.

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