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Teddy Bear - Coma Inducer® Standard Sham (2-Pack) - Ochre
Colorful Dorm Bedding Essentials Set of 2 Pillow Covers Twin Extra Long Bedding for College Dorm

Coma Inducer® Standard Sham (2-Pack) - Teddy Bear - Ochre

Top Features include:
  • Sham completes your Twin XL Bed Set for extra impact in your dorm room decorations
  • Luxury Plush
  • Impacting design for any dorm room
  • Complete your dorm room decor and add ultimate comfort to your dorm bedding!
Student Discount Price $14.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Sleep is important - Go for soft, dorm bedding!
Dimensions: 20" x 26"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: C1CSH52TBOH2026

Inspired by childhood memories of snuggling with your favorite stuffed animal. Our Teddy Bear Coma Inducer® is the acceptable, adult way to get that cozy sensation back. Nostalgic, yet the most practical way of all our Coma Inducers to experience the warmth and comfort that is sure to transform your bedding into a giant stuffed animal. A teddy bear-like hug that will engulf you in a plush, carefree, child-like sleep that you'll find is your daily retreat from the stressors of life.

Besides adding super soft comfort to your dorm bed, our
Teddy Bear - Coma Inducer® Standard Sham (2-Pack) - Ochre will also add unique style to your college decor. These earthy toned yellow dorm pillow shams are designed with the perfect shade to add a burst of bright color to your dorm room. Bright and beautiful, these yellow college shams will help turn your entire Twin extra long bed into a stylish part of your dorm decor. But, just like the rest of your essential dorm bedding, these standard size yellow dorm shams also need to add comfort to your Twin XL sized bed. Luckily, the plush appearance of these super soft college pillow shams isn't just for show!

Our Coma Inducer® plush dorm bedding is made with your comfort in mind, and these ultra plush standard size college shams are no exception. The plush college bedding materials that make up these dorm size pillow shams will add luxurious comfort to the head of your dorm bed. Reminiscent of your favorite childhood stuffed animal, each of these teddy bear-like college pillow shams will help you relax in your dorm room. When added to your standard college pillows, you can rest your head on one of these plush dorm pillow shams and cuddle with the other one! Crafted with soothing comfort that will help you forget your troubles, these inexpensive college bedding essential pieces will make your dorm bed the most comfortable place on campus!

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