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Stair Steps College Rug - Pink and White - 5' x 7.5'
Stair Steps College Rug - Pink and White - 5' x 7.5' College Supplies Dorm Room Decorations

Stair Steps College Rug - Pink and White - 5' x 7.5'

Top Features include:
  • Enhances dorm decor
  • Adds comfort to your dorm room floor
  • Made of Polypropylene, so it is durable and water resistant
  • Made in the USA
Retail Price $97.99
Student Discount Price $58.88
You Save: $39.11
Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm rugs are essential college supplies!
Dimensions: 5' x 7.5'

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

You want your college dorm room to look like no one else's. You want a unique, high impact look that is all yours and lets you look forward to coming back to your college dorm room after a long day of college classes. While transforming your dorm walls with dorm posters and photos of family is important to covering the bland color and making your college dorm room feel more home-like, you don't want to forget about your dorm floor. Your dorm floor isn't going to be nice dorm carpeting. Instead, it will be a cold linoleum that won't create a high impact look. To complete your high impact look in your dorm room decor right down to your dorm floor, add our Stair Steps College Rug in Pink and White.

Stair Steps College Rug in Pink and White has a bold yet simple design. This dorm necessities item features pink and white thick and thin stripes. While the white stripes grow thinner toward the top, the pink stripes grow thinner toward the bottom for a cool look that will add bold design elements to your dorm room decorations. The bright color and simple design will allow you to easily mix and match your dorm rug with your other dorm room decorations for a unique look. Make sure your dorm room is incredibly comforting and relaxing to your with a dorm rug in your college supplies for the year.

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