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Stackable Dorm Basket Tray (Includes 1 piece)
Stackable Dorm Basket Tray Dorm Room Organization Dorm Essentials

Stackable Dorm Basket Tray

Top Features include:
  • Design allows multiple baskets to be stacked
  • Scoop front allows you to easily see and reach what is inside
  • Sturdy steel construction and handles for easy transportation
  • Perfect organizer for inside your dorm closet or on top of your dorm dresser!
Retail Price $19.99
Student Discount Price $17.57
You Save: $2.42
Dorm Co. Tip: Add extra shelf space in your dorm room closet!
Dimensions: 6.5"H x 10-3/4"W x 12-1/2"D

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SDBT-20024

It is quite unfortunate how little dorm room storage space is available in a college dorm room. It's even more unfortunate when you think about the fact that there isn't really any pantry dorm storage. This results in you having to use your dorm room closet as dorm room storage for your food. You don't want your food to sit directly on the floor of your dorm closet, so where is it going to go? Yep- on the top shelf of your dorm closet. You may need some help through dorm step stools in order to reach the top shelf of your dorm closet. This may result in boxes being just beyond your reach and then they can fall over, leaving you to go through your clothes after class to pick cereal out of your sweatshirts. You should be studying after class, not picking cereal out of your clothes. Avoid spilling boxes of food by adding simple dorm organizers like our Stackable Dorm Basket Tray!

Our Stackable Dorm Basket Tray has two legs that not only lift the dorm basket off of the floor, it can also hook into the handles of another Dorm Basket Tray to give you plenty of dorm room storage! These handy baskets have a bronze color to add to dorm room decor and a scoop front so you can easily reach what is inside without having to take off the other dorm basket trays if you are using more than one. These handy dorm organizers can easily fit on top of your dorm microwave or mini fridge to hold your food items or even on top of your dorm dresser to hold cosmetics. Use your imagination for what you can store in these Stackable Dorm Basket Trays! They are even great for holding dorm hand towels and washcloths! Plus since you can stack multiple units, it makes these Stackable Dorm Basket Trays a dorm space saver since you are using more vertical space than the horizontal space available on your dorm dresser or closet shelf!

6.5"H x 10-3/4"W x 12-1/2"D

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