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Space Saving Clothes Dryer Rack
Set It Up Right In Your Dorm - Space Saving Clothes Dryer Rack - Necessary For Air Drying


Space Saving Clothes Dryer Rack

Top Features include:

  • Hang dry clothes to avoid dryer shrinkage of clothes
  • Space Saving as it can fold up for storage
  • Racks holds a lot of dorm stuff - perfect for delicate fabrics
  • Save quarters by hanging your clothes to dry!
Retail Price $35.00
Student Discount Price $18.33
You Save: $16.67
Dorm Co. Tip: Nothing is worse than shrinking your favorite shirt
Dimensions: 17" x 29.5" x 43.5"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: BL-V5752

You'll have a few options when your clothes come out of the washing machine: you can use even more quarters and place your clothes in the dryer; you can leave them in a stinking, soaking pile; or you can air dry them with this Space Saving Clothes Dryer Rack! Save money with this essential dorm product, as it's only a few quarters to use the dryer, yet added up, this college item will pay for itself. Drying racks are ideal college supplies for more delicate fabrics as well. You don't want to place those scarves and nice sweaters in the dryer. Air drying clothes is a guaranteed way they won't get damaged.
Shrinkage is another common problem when using dryers. Since a few quarters will buy you plenty of drying time, clothes can often get too dry in the dryer and can start to shrink! Ruining your clothes is a real bummer ... and a real expense. Plus, air drying is much more environmentally friendly than running some hot dryer for an hour. It's also more convenient! You can dry your clothes right in your dorm room and save yourself the trip back to the laundry room. With the combination of saving time and money, this college supply is one useful and practical addition to your laundry supplies for college.

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