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Soft Hands - Overnight Softening Gloves
Soft Hands - Overnight Softening Gloves - Dorm Room Accessories - Moisturizer

Soft Hands - Overnight Softening Gloves

Top Features include:
  • Before bed, put cream on your hands and then wrap up in these soft gloves
  • Keeps hands isolated in moisture to allow for oh-so-soft skin overnight!
  • Can hand-wash with cold water for cleaning
  • 100-percent cotton fabric
Retail Price $9.59
Student Discount Price $6.86
You Save: $2.73
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep sheets clean while treating your skin!

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Product Code: BA-8513BS

You'll be shaking lots of hands while you're in college, so make sure your skin is soft and anything but scaly-feeling! While you can apply creams and moisturizers to your hands, take things a step farther by using a cool dorm product to aid in your skin therapy: use our Soft Hands - Overnight Softening Gloves. After applying some moisturizing cream, put these gloves on to keep hands immersed. By adding the fabric layer over your hands, you'll better sustain the skin-softening ability of your moisturizer. It's a college supply that takes hand-softening to the next level!

This supply for college girls is especially useful during colder months. College life will have you walking outside often, and when it's cold out, skin can get dry quickly. Plus, when you're indoors, the heat will cause drier skin. Dry skin isn't healthy, so be sure you're prepared by keeping these gloves as part of your dorm stuff. Your essentials for college should include dorm supplies that will keep you healthier and comfortable, and having soft, healthy skin relates to that. These gloves will do the trick, and keep hands soft, healthy, and comfortable.

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