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Small Resin Form Dorm Tote - Available in 2 Colors
Small Resin Form Dorm Tote - Available in 2 Colors College Supplies Dorm Organizer


Small Resin Form Dorm Tote

Top Features include:
  • Small dorm tote with two handles for easy access
  • Color choices of silver or turquoise to add to dorm room decor!
  • Organize cosmetics, perfume bottles, small desk items or other small dorm items!
  • Perfect for your dorm dresser, college closet or dorm desk!
Retail Price $12.99
Student Discount Price $6.92
You Save: $6.07
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep small dorm items organized where you won't lose anything!
Dimensions: 10.4" x 8.30" x 10.60"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: 6597-5656


It can be overwhelming figuring out what to pack to go to college and it can be incredibly overwhelming once you arrive at college and start unpacking. In fact in can be so overwhelming that you find you have a small (or large) pile of dorm essentials on your dorm bed or dorm desk that you simply have no idea where to store. You need your dorm bed to sleep in so you can't really leave the pile there. You may find that pile of dorm essentials is one you're going to move from place to place and become stressed because you're not finding homes for those dorm items. Don't give up on those college supplies! They simply need our Small Resin Form Dorm Tote!

Small Resin Form Dorm Tote is compact enough to add to the top of your dorm dresser or desk or even in your closet! Add a couple to the top of your dorm desk or dresser to keep different dorm items separated and organized. In silver and turquoise you can mix and match multiple organizers to have both colors or all the same color for symmetry. This Small Resin Form Dorm Tote is a cute dorm organizer that will add to your dorm room decor. Picture this- all those cosmetics, perfume bottles and lotions loose on your dresser will detract from your dorm room decor but when they are organized in a cute tote like our Small Resin Form Dorm Tote, they will look organized and your friends will be in awe at the cute dorm organizers you found! Our
Small Resin Form Dorm Totes also have two cutout handles to make these dorm organizers easy to carry when moving into your dorm room or when you need to move the dorm tote!

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